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Slim and Franke
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Monday, September 12, 2011


Who am I to judge?

Our world runs rampant with judging. We judge politicians, religion, family, friends, etc. We are told to judge not lest we be judged, but aren't there times when it is necessary and even courageous to make a judgement? Think of the last time you thought your judgement call was necessary and unavoidable.

(Example: My children would often bring home new friends and it was my job to pass judgement based on available research about whether my children could associate with them or not. It wasn't a pretty job but someone had to do it.)


  1. I can certainly understand checking out friends of your children and what kind of homes your children might be visiting. I would have done that, too.

    Nothing is springing to mind on judgements calls, but I'm sure there are things all the time. Most often its been the care my mother receives at an assisted living facility many miles from where I live. My sister lives 20 miles away and goes there most often. I have to be careful what I pass on to the staff based on what my mom says. Most of the time it is "things that are missing." They always turn up and I'm glad at that point I didn't call and ask the staff.

  2. I always say only God can judge me, but as you say the reality is we all make judgements about one another all the time. And sometimes we need to. Especially when it comes to the safety of our kids, and well, ourselves too.

    I can't think of a specific example now though!

  3. We judge continually: what to wear, who to sit next to on the bus, whether or not we believe what someone says. I think it's when we condemn those that we judge that we fall into trouble. There are plenty of people that I don't care to associate with, but until they act with malice, it's best to leave them alone, as I hope to be left alone.

    Know what I mean? :-)


  4. Lynn -- I definitely think it was a good judgement call not to report the staff, giving time for the items to surface.

    LL Cool Joe -- I knew you would agree about judgements on behalf of our children's safety and our own. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Is that judgement or instinct?

  5. Pearl -- I missed commenting you your comment as I was commenting on the others. I made a judgement that there were no more comments at that time and that was wrong. LOL Hey, your comment is absolutely correct - I know exactly what you mean. Thanks.

  6. "available research" LMAO...I bet I end up doing that with my daughters friends, I'll even subscribe to a paid service to check out the parents of said friends!!!

    But I won't "Cast the first stone"!

  7. Every thing in moderation - right? sandie

  8. Judgement calls are part of everyday life, like deciding not to go to a certain restaurant any more because you don't care for their food. But that type of judgement is a personal preference type and doesn't cause any harm unless you take out a notice in the paper criticizing it. Judging people is a different matter. I try not to do that.

  9. I had to tell a very disruptive volunteer who was coming into the office super late, and having crying jags, and talking incessantly, that she needed to take some time off to take care of herself. Then she sent me a nastygram.

  10. I'm slower to judge these days as I don't always get it right. Most people deserve a 'wait and see' time.
    Also - in my youth - I didn't like it when someone wrote me off as a bimbo before they had even had a conversation with me.

  11. I have always been a very accepting and forgiving person. I had to learn to be more judgemental at work, as part of my job as a manager. I still err on the side of giving people the benefit of the doubt. But in the end judging people harshly during the interview process saves the worse pain of judging them as unfit later and having to fire them.

  12. Perhaps the difficulty lies in the word "judgement" In Websters judgement is defined as "the ability to make a wise decision or to form an opinion". Don't think that would apply to your bibical quote and hence the problem arises.

  13. My mother never stopped me from being friends with anyone. But I think I'm a good judge of character...
    I live daily with descisions based on do I think an allergy will kill me if I go places or do things.
    My daughters boyfriends used to drive me crazy, but it was up to her to decide. Mostly I was allergic to their cologne!
    Luckily she ditched the greater evils fast-

  14. Brown English Muffin – Our children need our help in determining who their associates should be. Regrettably they do not realize that we are helping them. Yes you must do whatever it takes to protect Baby C.

    Chatty Crone – I think so Sandie.

    Pat MacKenzie – If I hear that the restaurant did not get a good report from the health department, I will make a judgment not to go there and it could just a rumor started by their competition. Then I would have to judge the person who started the rumor. Oh what a tangled web…..

    Riot Kitty – So the judgment here was in deciding to tell this to the volunteer? What does a little nastygram hurt anyway? And by the way, where is the Nastygram office located in case I need to send one?

    Pat – What kind of a bimbo were you supposed to be and why? Somehow I can’t picture that.

    Sparkling Red – Your decisions have to be based more on the definition pointed out by Changes in the wind in the next comment dealing with the ability to make a wise decision.

    Changes in the wind – In my judgment, good old Webster has so many definitions of one thing, we can all pick and choose. Definitely the problems arise (as do most problems) from the Biblical quotes. LOL

    Snaggle Tooth -- I was an extremely trusting child and paid the consequences of that unwarranted trust of others. Perhaps my over-protection of my children by judging their new pals was a bit much. Glad you could allow your daughter to freely make her own choices.

    To all -- One thing I keep thinking about since posting this is the judgment call the passengers of flight 93 on 9/11 made to take down their plane. There had to be a slight chance in their brains that this plane was not actually destined to be an attack plane, but they followed their best practical judgment and in doing so, saved many other lives. What a tremendous judgment call that was.

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