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Slim and Franke
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Monday, September 26, 2011


What or who influences your fashion choices? Who do you dress to please: yourself; your same sex peers; the opposite sex; your bosses; your mother?

(Other women seem to influence me the most. My sister and my daughter have a big impact on my clothing selection.   My mother is gone but her voice can always be heard saying, "You're not going out in that are you?"  When I worked outside the home, a compliment from another woman meant more to me than a compliment from a male coworker. Clothes selections for my spouse are mine to make. Left to make his own fashion choices, he would simply go naked.)

Thanks Elenore for suggesting this question of the week..


  1. I dress in a combination of pleasing myself and what is appropriate for work. A few years ago, I discovered the Travelers Collection from Chico's and I have about 20 pieces of that (collected over time). I put a jacket or shirt with it and am good to go. Convenient and easy.

  2. I have no fashion sense to speak of, as I'm basically a t-shirt/jeans kind of guy. Since I work in an office environment, I dress business very casual (nice shirt and jeans).

    And if I had to go to an important function, then it's either black jeans/black dress pants with a black dress shirt and thin tie.

  3. It's probably to please myself - I try to be my hardest critic with regard to dressing inappropriately to my age. So no flabby flesh on view, no stiletto heels etc.
    I don't mind ironing so wear a lot of freshly laundered shirts. Even at home doing housework I can't wear colours that clash.
    I can't really rely on MTL.
    "Does this look alright?" always gets an enthusiastic answer!

  4. Dear Annie~~ I usually dress to feel comfortable and for myself. Interesting question.
    I have found that most children (and cats) like to play in boxes.
    I am glad you liked the "She stole a can of peas." I liked that one too.
    Take good caremy friend, Love, Merle.

  5. Lynn -- I had to go to google and research Chico's Travelers clothing because I had never heard of it. Wow, such nice (and expensive) things. Their accessories are wonderful. Wish I had known about their clothes when I was working. Ebay has a few of their pieces. They don't have plus sizes so nothing for me these days. Maybe I should create a plus size chicken farmer clothing line:) And back to the blog question, who do you most want to please when you put on these outfits?

    G -- It sounds like the workplace these days allows a lot more jeans. Or is it just the kind of work you do that allows the jeans? Hum....? Do your peers dress the same way or are you a trend setter?

    Pat -- I too make a lot of clothing selections based on what best covers my flaws. However I do tend to look in the mirror finally and wonder if my sister would approve of my final selection.

    Merle -- Oh yes, "comfort" is a big fashion choice for me these days. Always make the final test of the outfit the "sit down" test. If you sit down in front of the mirror and the outfit still looks good and feels good too, it's a deal.

  6. I dress to please myself, I don't allow anyone to influence what I wear.

    Well if my mother said she liked me in something, I may not wear it again.

    The only thing that influences what I wear is hip hop videos.

  7. One problem that we have in this part of Pennsylvania is practically ZERO humidity in Winter.

    So, your skin gets so dry you have to wear soft materials or your slacks will actually make your legs hurt.

    I have found that Microfiber is the very best material for me to be comfortable in Winter.

    So, in answer to your question, I really dress to please myself and my skin..

  8. I dress to suit myself only - and comfort is my first necessity. I do like to look nice when we go out, but when I am working (luckily) I can wear very casual clothes.

  9. Since I'm retired, I don't have to 'dress for success' anymore and simply dress for comfort. I like to wear things in colors and styles that my husband likes too - thankfully his tastes are very similar to mine. He always gets me to check that his pants and shirts match as he's colorblind and can't tell when some combinations just don't go.

  10. I'm basically in the same boat as Lynn - I wear what I like but also want to be appropriate for the occasion. I live in a *very* casual state (our governor wears jeans all the time - even when he met the President) and sometimes I feel that it's inappropriate. Call me a snob, but when you go hear George Mitchell speak, you don't wear jeans! That said, I love that I can wear jeans to work. One thing I don't miss about living in NYC is that I don't feel like I have to get dressed up to take out the trash.

  11. I dress for myself. sandie

  12. I dress to please myself.

  13. I dress to please myself, but not because I think I have great taste. It's just that if I see someone else who has great style, and I try to imitate it, it just doesn't work on me. So I buy what I think works for me. There's a spot on my website where grandmothers can describe their fashion look and how they achieve it. Sorry, no equivalent spot for grandfathers yet!

  14. LL Cool Joe – I have to believe that you dress for your audience and in your case the entire world is your audience :)

    Nancy – I should have listed “for your skin” as an option because my spouse would have picked that one too. Now I know two people who actually claim that certain fabrics make their body hurt.

    Judy (kenju) – You can probably get away with dressing for yourself since you live in the number ONE livable city in the U.S.A.

    Pat MacKenzie – Yes dressing for comfort is very wonderful after years of high heels and panty hose. The only time I remember my spouse commenting on my wardrobe was when I was still working and had on a black dress with a little black scarf at the neck and he said “Hello Johnny Cash”. Needless to say that caused me to make a fashion change that day.

    Riot Kitty – Which George Mitchell? There are fourteen famous George Mitchells that range from politicians to jazz pianist. The pianist is from Portland, Oregon so should I assume that is of whom you speak?

    Chatty Crone – I knew that about you

    Ancient One – I knew that about you too (However I do wonder if your goats might meet occasionally about your clothing selections.)

    Susan Adcox – It has always been disappointing for me to try to copy someone else and for some reason I still end up looking like me and not like them. Can’t wait to go to your grandmother fashion site. You sure take care of all us grandparents out here.

  15. Rachel Zoe, Bravo TV and Polyvore totally influence how I dress.

    I like comfort so I don't go all out letting style over ride comfort levels.

    And I'm such a naturalist that's it hard for me to do toooo many colors.

    I don't really dress for my husband or anyone else...I don't think he cares how I look he just cares how he looks.

  16. Oh Banana Republic ALSO influences how I dress too! LOL

  17. Gosh...I am totally lost in catchin up with the latest fashion coz I believe in being myself ;)

    Quite casual most of the work week except when I need to attend a seminar or formal meeting...usually with a jacket :D

  18. office used to influence my choices
    now it's mostly affordably and comfort

  19. At work now I'm forced to wear a navy blue uniform.
    I wear what's comfortable to me depending on the weather n occassion at home. cotton mostly. Most of my clothes are years old now, n I tend toward classic jeans, t-shirts, n Button tops. I've been ignoring trends. I like solids n plaids.

  20. Brown English Muffin -- Oops, I am not familiar with Rachel Zoe, Bravo TV or Polyvore. I do know Banana Republic. Glad you added that. It is a rare occasion that I will let style override my comfort. I love bright colors and if my family would let me, I would wear red, bright purple, lime green, yellow-orange and true blue every day and all at once. My husband doesn’t care how either of us looks. His primary interest is the condition of his tractors:)

    Shionge – I am not a bit surprised that you believe in yourself. Your confidence shows. That is a good way to be. I still like to wear a comfortable shell with a jacket and that way I can remove the jacket if temps are too warm and shed it if too cool.

    Dianne – The office dress was always a “comfort” challenge for me, plus the “affordable” part was extremely difficult. Casual Friday was actually the most expensive day for me to dress appropriately and sometimes I did not comply which made many think I was a snob and not that I just couldn’t afford expensive jeans, etc.

    Snaggle Tooth – In the early 70’s I wore a uniform at my bank job in Waco, TX. It was funny that ALL of the women had to wear uniforms and none of them men did. I did enjoy getting us everyday and not having to mull over my clothing selection for the day