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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Couldn't that same question be relevant to politics, the stock market, daily crime reports, etc?  If we do not hear the horror tales exhibited  on TV and radio or see it in print,  then does our worry and concern even exist?  

We know the the stock market responds to gossip and rumor.  We know officials are elected by who spins the most convincing tale.   We have learned that criminals love the limelight. So if we hear, see or speak no evil, could we possibly keep bad things from happening?

(And, if you prefer to think of something on a lighter note, how long could you function in this world without paper towels?  They are almost as important to me as toilet paper and gasoline.


  1. Unfortunately, no. :) There was a lot of buzz about a man from Georgia winning an early primary in Florida and I finally asked my friend Jae about it yesterday. I've been so busy and caught up in my own drama, that I totally missed it. Yes - life went on without me.

  2. Lynn -- But only because you finally heard it:)

  3. I couldn't function without paper towels either. I had a cold earlier in the week and resorted to blowing my nose on them. :) Not the best idea.

  4. But,Lynn, better than using them for toilet paper,right?

  5. It is interesting that you post this...I have stopped watching the news like I use to and I have to say I feel a lot less stressed..maybe the answer is everything in moderation. Am lost without paper towels too.

  6. I'm the opposite...politics and children are the same...if they're tooooo quiet you KNOW somethings up!!! LOL

  7. Steve and I are laughing like crazy over the comment you left! Hilarious, just hilarious. Now that is the fastest room redo I've heard so far and the best story :)

  8. If the one is joined by many who do not hear or see...then perhaps the silly season would end. But too many folks live on the silliness.

  9. Lynn -- Ouch!

    Nancy -- OMG! Yes!

    Changes in the wind -- I have stopped watching news and only watch mindless drivel on tv. Music on radio only.

    Brown English Muffin -- Good point. LOL

    Marla & Steve @ -- Only wish my son could laugh about it. He still wants his pin-up girls back.

    Tabor -- It does seem to be the life blood of some doesn't it?

  10. Sorry, forgot to answer the question here. When life is sensationalized whatever the "problem de jour" that is going on, then it's just made much bigger when it's all over the media. Take Casey Anthony and her unbelievable trial outcome for example. There was more information than I ever wanted or needed to know about her family. It was just all too much to hear. My heart went out to the poor dead child and I had to turn off the news because too much information was overwhelming.

  11. I get my news from the news magazines. There's much less hype, and I can read them in peace and quiet. As for the stock market, my husband invests, so we have to keep up a bit. But when it gets too bad, we just turn it off.

  12. I'd used to rather have not known, but since 911 I have changed.
    I'd like to not be taken by surprize. Of course you might be happier until the poop hits you in the head n you didn't see it coming- Like a tornado warning or Hurricane or flood, for instance.

    I'm still betting they'd never tell us if the world was ending n they had proof... news is slanted by the network execs anyhow.

  13. I use napkins from the Dollar tree- cheaper. Buy paper towels about 2ce per year- But I'm down to 1 cat!

  14. Marla & Steve @ -- The Casey Anthony trial never captured my attention. That was totally up to the selected jury. But I did spend a great deal of time grieving over precious little Kaylee, lost in the madness.

    Susan Adcox -- We are asked to bite off so much more than we can chew when we listen to the sensationalized news.

    Snaggle Tooth -- 9/11 has changed us all. But it seems we let it change us for the worse and have given up security to dwell in fear and terror.

    Like your idea about napkins from the dollar store but it would take me forever to wrap them around my paper towel dispenser. LOL

    Are you saying that one cat reduces the need for paper products?? Our dog Slim does a pretty good job of cleaning up the floor too, if that is what you mean.

  15. Blogger just deleted my comment. :(

    I had mentioned that I mostly stick to online news because our local news is so the reporters are working toward an Emmy or something. You should see their facial expressions. It's like bad acting and oftentimes what they report is inaccurate.

  16. Anonymous2:13 PM

    OK, I won't get started on the paper towel gig, I use about a roll a year! Bad things happen whether we like them or nor, and yes to both good and bad people. Yes things happen, but it all depends on how personally it affects us.

  17. I admit to watching the news so I can see WHERE they are trying to lead me:) and I know to look in the opposite direction for what it is they DONT want me to see.
    Ever notice how a story is hot for a few days and then just goes off the radar. We bore so easily of things regardless the level of the tragedy. I guess thats what Yesterdays News means.
    I love having paper towels, after many years of not being able to afford them.. Many times as one comes twirling off the roll , I look up and say- Thank you.. I am grateful for the little and the big things and for Paper Towels, and for being able to freely express my opinion here.
    You always ask interesting and thought provoking questions..My time here is always enjoyable.
    Thank you

  18. I think sometimes (like the stock market), but not always - like the construction outside the San Jose airport that shook every toilet stall in the restroom!

  19. Annie,

    Have you heard anything about Jack?

    Is he settling in OK over there? I hope so because I do want him to be happy.

    Do you see Chiclet looking around for him?

  20. Scarlet – Blogger is greedy that way, feeding on our remarks. Our local newscasters are very humble and are much more enjoyable than national. Miami is probably a stepping stone for your local guys and gals so they have to try harder. Sounds like our San Diego daughter’s dramatic locals.

    Marilyn’s Money – I just knew you would be frugal with paper towels, but one roll per year??? LOL

    Sonny – It is indeed a good idea to look the opposite way when it comes to the news reports. I too was paper towel deprived at one time and rejoice in twirling them off the roll as desired. Owning plastic freezer bags and sandwich bags thrills me too. Thanks for the compliment about my weekly question.

    Riot Kitty – Glad to see you visiting me after having visited the Queen. It’s an honor. I must say I’m a bit confused about the shaking toilets…..

    Nancy – Take a look at my post today THE HAPPY POLYGIMIST for your answered question:)