Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Granny Annie in a garden of grandchildren.

Front row, Ryan, Granny, Beth and back row Dillon. Of course the camera hogs are all in the front and sweet, giving, loving, smiling Dillon taking the backseat again. If you ever pay attention to sibling placement how difficult is it to know that Ryan is an oldest child, Granny Annie is the baby of her family and Beth is the baby of her family? That means, of course, that Dillon is the sacrificing middle child.

Ryan is now freshman at OU, Beth a high school sophomore and Dillon a high school senior. I am a "senior" too, having just turned 65. These are my son's three children.

I cannot remember where this photo was taken and do not remember another photo booth ever producing a Polaroid shot like this. My daughter came across this lost picture in some of her organizing this past weekend.


LL Cool Joe said...

Wow! What great shots! I don't think I've ever seen such good ones from a photo booth before.

I love the sepia look too!

Abraham Lincoln said...


Lynn said...

That's a great picture, GA. I'm the middle child like Dillon and tend to stand in the back, too. :)

Winifred said...

They are great photos. Love all the different expressions.

Brown English Muffin said...

This is precious....I've always found the hierarchy in family the most interesting of topics!

Granny Annie said...

LL Cool Joe -- I believe the sepia look is just because the photo is old:)

Abraham Lincoln -- Thank you Mr.Lincoln.

Lynn -- No wonder you are such a good person. Just like my sister, always the one making sacrifices.

Winifred -- I am so happy to see you back around. It seems like you've been gone a while. Any good British TV shows to recommend?

Brown English Muffin -- Being the "baby" of the family gives me a lot of excuses:)

Chatty Crone said...

Great shots - I'm so glad she found it! sandie

Riot Kitty said...

Those are so cute! We found lots of interesting ones - including some potential blackmail ones from the 1970s - looking through Mr. RK's mom's photos.

TALON said...

Awww! Everyone is so adorable! I love how Dillon stays the same in every shot and the faces that Beth is pulling are priceless!

They grow too fast!

Granny Annie said...

Chatty Crone -- It was exciting to see this little morsel creep out of the midst of all the clutter.

Riot Kitty -- Oh boy, we did not go without finding some nice blackmail photos ourselves. The bad thing is that most of them are fat pictures of ME!

Talon -- Now that Beth is a teenager she is wearing a lot of those space cadet faces again. LOL

Maria said...

A wonderful treasure and I certainly can see what you mean by a middle child. Sweet!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Beautiful garden! Great find- love the old pics!

Sparkling Red said...

Adorable! What a wonderful photo.

Pat said...


Granny Annie said...

Maria -- I often wish I had been the middle child because most of them that I know are very giving people.

Snaggle Tooth -- It was a thrill to come across this after so many years.

Sparkling Red -- Thank you!

Pat -- Thank you!