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Slim and Franke
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Thursday, August 11, 2011


We have been painted all our lives with labels. Wide life-labels that cover large groups of people. We start out lumped in with children then students then adults. I took on other labels such as wife, mother, banker, divorcee, grandparent, wife , unemployed, chicken farmer and since my last birthday, Senior Citizen.

This seems to be the final one.
I shall now and forevermore simply be lumped with all those over 65 as a Senior, an elderly person, conjuring images to a younger stranger that I am now a member of the tottering, feeble and infirmed with no history or information worth sharing.

This label easily confuses my brain that still sees me as an inquisitive child, a poet a writer, an artist full of love and laughter. Very simply a forward thinking human being still discovering each new day with a mixture of distress and delight.

Looks like Dora's got it right. Let's just paint all ages with a wide brush as "Explorers".

Dora The Explorer


  1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I am on vacation. I am going through my archives of photos and finding beautiful things like this post picture.

    I enjoyed this post and also Dora the Explorer.

  2. Sounds like a good plan to me!! I have noticed that some younger people pay no attention whatsoever to any elders, and most of us do have lots to contribute. It's their loss.

  3. Labels can be so annoying, but I guess we all tend to use them so we can slot people neatly in our minds. But I've never met anyone yet, who didn't have labels that I'd never even heard of and didn't surprise me by ripping off the labels and writing entirely new ones. I like the explorer idea. Dora's got the right idea.

  4. Yes I like the idea of being an explorer too. You feel young inside but the outside gives you away.

    Still we are an increasing group with lots of power to change things. If we have the courage to shout up.

    I always said I'd dye my hair blue and have twenty cats when I got older. My husband's glad I haven't done it! Yet!!!!!

  5. Blimey I have so many labels, some given by me to explain who and what I am, but most given to me by other people either through hatred or ignorance.

    Age is just a number. Dora has it sussed.

  6. I like that notion of being like Dora. It's terrible to label people or have preconceived notions. So funny - my sister was offended that McDonald's gave her a senior discount without asking her (she is prematurely gray-haired) - I said she should just run with it and be happy for the discount!

  7. I like explorer. Covers all of us as we all explore every day. I am only 50 but with my very gray hair that I do not dye, I have to say alot of people label me a senior citizen. Even to the point of they just give me the discount without asking. So I just take it,lol. I do like Talon's idea of ripping off labels and writing new ones.

  8. It would have to be a big brush!

  9. I couldn't agree more. The older I get (39 next month) the more I appreciate the maturity that comes with time. To reduce everyone over 65 to one monolithic stereotype is something only the young and ignorant would do.

  10. I think the Dora idea is perfect ;)

  11. It's good to be an explorer. Keeps the mind young even if the body tells a different story.

  12. That sounds so sad Liz...I never thought of it that way..and I bet you didnt either..I just turned 50..some say Im an old lady and many others say I am so young...I feel as you do ...the same as when I was a child..body hurts a little more though..I was once one of those people who thought over 30 was ancient...Oh well we live and learn I seem very young and full of vigor...!! Dora..!

  13. every since I started walking slow and with a cane I noticed a difference in the way people approach
    I'm not talking about the lovely ones who hold doors or offer a seat
    there are those who push around me or roll their eyes if I hold up a line or try not to meet my eyes just in case I need help

  14. Amen to that. The younger set can learn a lot from those who are older AND wiser.

  15. What a lovely idea. in all stages of life we are and should be explorers.

  16. Honest abe – enjoy

    Kenju – lots to contribute…so right!

    Talon – yep, let’s rip those labels right off.

    Winifred -- I was going to be rich and disguise myself as a bag-lady. I’m not rich but I could easily pass for a bag-lady. Glad to hear from you. Been worried.

    Ll cool joe – age is just a number – amen!

    Lynn – I do like the discount and regrettably I’ve been receiving it for several years without asking.

    Bonnie – with all that goes on in your life, you definitely qualify as an explorer.

    Chatty crone – are you referring to a wide brush because of all the labels you have or were you referring to the physical space you take up? LOL jk

    Sparkling Red – Only the “young and ignorant” are explorers also, they just don’t know it yet. Somehow they are going through the state of believing they already know everything.

    Riot Kitty – Go Dora!

    Dani – How does it feel to be the Queen of Explorers?

    Robin – I am remembering a movie made in the ‘70s about kids taking over the world and rounding up everyone over 30 to dispose of them. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

    Dianne – I know what you are saying. Ron has been having to use a wheelchair as he heals from these cancer treatments and people just stare at us we attempt to maneuver through doors and up walkways. It’s as if we’re getting what we deserve for being alive.

    Cube – Plus we actually can learn from them also. My kids and grandkids teach me some new crazy stuff all the time.

    Pat Mackenzie – Glad you like the idea!

  17. Congrats in making it to that milestone! A shame the label game gets negative. Worse that the young seem to think they know more, better than seniors.
    like your positive label twist!

  18. Hi Annie,

    I think the picture you are remembering was called "Logans Run".

    It was made in 1976 and starred Michael York. The story line was that in the year 2274 the young people killed everybody over 30 years old.

    I'm glad it wasn't true or I would have been done in by the kids 53 years ago. PHEW!!!!!

  19. Anonymous9:54 PM

    You're not tottering or doddering or devoid of stuff worth sharing. You are Dora and then some!!

  20. Snaggle Tooth -- Thanks. It is pretty easy to just say we are all explorers.

    Nancy -- Oh yes, I saw Logan's Run and loved it. It was about that same theme but I'm thinking of another one about that same time that was set in the current day with fairly normal looking people. I may have dreamed it. My family says I have dreamed up most of my so-called "memories".

    jdjaws -- You are too kind my dear friend.