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Slim and Franke
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Monday, June 06, 2011



Do you have certain bed time habits, quirks, rituals, routines that must be observed before you can fall asleep?

(Such as -- sleeping with teddy bear, with a fan blowing on you, with noise, with total quiet, with pets, listening to radio/television, specific time to turn in, reading before bed, etc.?)


  1. I usually eat n read, then blog, take a shower, then watch the tube on a low volume, usually with a movie in the dvd, n fall asleep after watching a few minutes of it. There's some films I never stay awake for!
    My ears ring, so quiet doesn't work- I need white noise. Fans work in the heat too-

  2. Dear Annie ~~ I like to read for a while, but less lately, sleep with a white Teddy-bear my grand-daughter gave me after a bereavement. I like
    the radio on all night. I thought I would miss the radio in hospital, but there was always plenty of activity.
    Thank you for your comment on my post and I am so glad you enjoyed the jokes and the song.
    Take care, Love, Merle.

  3. I like how Merle's comment reads like a written letter. Lovely.

    I don't have any rituals in particular, although I tend to go to bed around 9pm every night. (I get up around 5am.)

  4. Oh boy when I first saw that grown man with that teddy bear I did giggle!!

    The only ritual I have before sleeping is that the house has to be neat and tidy.

  5. I read in bed before falling asleep - but that is all.

  6. I have to have my pillows in a certain way!

  7. Double-checking my alarm several times. Sad, but true. That and saying goodnight to the monsters in the closet ;)

  8. I take a pee and then remove all 6 of the earrings from my ears because they dig into my neck at night. That's it! :D

  9. I usually need to be lying down but sitting works too. I did fall asleep standing up one time. That'll make your knees buckle.

  10. I;m among the readers -- first comes the bathroom ritual then I write a few lines about the day that sometimes pretend to be a poem. Often I have two books to read, a book of poetry and a nonfiction book. Whichever is heavier I read last for whatever short period of time I can apply a fading brain to the contents. When the words get blurry and my eyes begin to close, it's time to sleep.

  11. Well, I usually play a few computer games and that tends to make me sleepy. Then I'll watch a few Everybody Loves Raymond reruns on the portable DVD player. I have been known to read. I find that if I read when I'm real sleepy that the next day I can't recall much of what I read, so that's not the best time for reading! Then I put the portable DVD player down and fix my pillows and usually toss and turn before going to sleep. I generally go to sleep pretty late at night too.

  12. I take a warm bath and hop into bed to watch late night comedy shows until I fall asleep.

  13. I have none. Zero, zip, zilch. Therefore, my cell phone is never plugged in, I always have to walk out to the car in the dark in the morning to get my skanky coffee cup, and the dog is usually crossing his legs by two am. Deal, I tell them - deal with it.

  14. Nothing here... maybe in the morning... no definitively in the morning I have routines... Just hate waking

  15. Hi Annie..
    Thanks so much for coming to visit me. I wanted to come and tell you, your prayers helped bunches. My Daughter received an off of employment beyond what she had hoped for.. We are more grateful than mere words can express.. Its a Miracle, truly it is.
    I do have a ritual. I mentally recite my grateful list while I brush my teeth- comb my hair and put it up for the night. Prayers are said while I cleanse and cream my face. I do my positive affirmations until I fall asleep.
    thats it for me.

  16. Snaggle Tooth – I need noise too so my husband’s oxygen concentrator and the hum of my bi-pap machine do it for me.

    Merle – My kids gave me a teddy bear when I was still single but when Ron and I married I thought it best to dispense with the bear. Now I hug a small pillow. I don’t know what that is all about.

    Lynn – Yes Merle does respond with nice comments. Hey, I happen to know you get up earlier than 5am because you often comment on my blog at 4am:)

    Changes in the wind – What, no checking to make sure the guns are loaded? LOL

    Brown English Muffin – I had to ditch the photo of the guy with the teddy beat. Too many people thought it was my son. I don’t know who it was. LOL I too rest better when I go to sleep knowing the house is in order.

    Kenju – I used to read myself to sleep but lately I will fall asleep with an audio book CD playing through headphones.

    Chatty Crone – Oh yes, my pillow must be positioned just right.

    Riot Kitty – When I worked outside the home I would constantly check my alarm clock to make sure I got up on time. Does that mean we both are OCD?

    LL Cool Joe – After you take the pea do you put it back? Oops, I see you said pee not pea. LOL

    Cliff – My Ron guy can fall asleep anywhere any time. He says it is a sign of a clear conscience.

    June Calender – Hello June. Thanks for dropping by. It does seem that we have a lot of readers before bed. I enjoy poetry books very much.

    Rachel -- Don’t you just love Ray and Robert’s mother? LOL

    Ileana – Wow you have an easy routine.

    Pheromone Girl – Kind of hard on the poor pup aren’t you? Sounds like you have the easiest bedtime ritual of all.

    Holland – Oh I’m glad you wake up!

    Sonny – Congrats to your daughter. Know she is thrilled. Now it’s your turn. My daughter has two job offers and must decide between them. Yikes!

    Dear friends, my night time routine consists of 1) taking my evening medications 2) spending a little time on computer 3) brushing teeth and putting Ayr in my nose, Biotene in my mouth, Refresh lubricant in my eyes, and drops in my ears. 4) Kissing my spouse (we never go to bed without a goodnight kiss) 5)Hooking up with Tonto (my bi-pap machine) and I am out.

  17. I must go to the restroom no more than 10 minutes before I go to bed (TMI?) I must, must, must have a fan on for the noise and it must be totally dark. And I really enjoy it when my biggest cat Beanie decides to jump into bed with us. Listening to him purr will put me right out!

  18. It's great reading everyone's bedtime routine, Annie. I confess that I don't have one. Usually I'm asleep within two minutes so I don't think I have time for one :)

    Hope you and Ron are having a day filled with beautiful moments.