Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Now we all know what a great photographer Paul is and why he joined this group. I am honored to have this in my book.


I had a blue-eyed love –

In the heart of winter, we’d meet;

Crystal snow spread across our bed,

And river ice beneath.

I’m reminded by the cold and leaden sky –

My blue-eyed love and I.

I had a green-eyed love –

In the heart of summer, we’d meet;

Lillies spread across our bed,

And drowning depths beneath.

I’m reminded by unforgiving July –

My green-eyed love and I.

I had a black-eyed love –

In the heart of Autumn we’d meet;

Wind blows leaves spread across our bed,

And only the earth beneath.

(?) the desire that lives nor dies –

My black-eyed love and I.

I think I only missed one word in trying to transcribe this beautiful poem by Shay. If you have seen her work before you know that she is a gifted and talented poet who reaches inside her soul for the beauty of this work. Now I own this copy in the poet's own hand.

Doreen blessed me with two pages of her art and I could not be more thrilled. It wears me out just to try to imagine how much time this intricate work take her.


  1. I wasn't expecting so many posts in a row, I'd thought you meany they'd post later- but I got a big bonus down here checking!

    I think Shay's word is probably "cool". I'm sure she'll be by to correct us-

    Beautiful photo n Doreens doodles are cool too!

  2. CRUEL the desire that lives nor dies. :-)

    These books continue to amaze me. I am stunned at how talented everyone is. I especially like Doreen's walking bird!

  3. And it should be "windblown" not "wind blows". That's undoubtedly my own pea brain firing the wrong circuit.

    The poem may be found at my blog, here:


  4. I get lost into those doodles.. and this one speaks very loudly to where I was at the time.. moving!
    Glad I unloaded a lot :-)
    Happy your book is with you and you're enjoying it, but I'm going to miss working in them.
    Thanks for posting them!