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Slim and Franke
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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Remember the doodle art from JOEY'S ART COMPETITION? I had tried to get my grandson Michael to enter the competition. He said he had several ideas but nothing was finished. The fun contest is over and the winner was deservedly Talon, but I have to share these "unfinished" pieces of Michael's. This seems to be a problem for artists to find a stopping place. Anyway I am sharing these because it is necessary for me to brag. It is absolutely something I must do. Wouldn't Michael have had some nice entries for the contest?

If Joey does this again, I will try harder to get Michael in the competition.

click on each picture to enlarge


  1. That middle one would look great embroidered!

  2. Dani -- That is a cool idea. Personally I love the little boy crying over the dropped ice cream cone. That one too could be embroidered.

  3. He's very good, Annie. I had NO ideas at all when I saw the contest!

  4. Those are soooo neat! I love the ice cream one - that's brilliant! Michael's so talented and so creative. All bragging is totally understandable and completely necessary! :)

  5. Those are really fantastic! I'd never even think of anything like that, let alone be able to draw it.

  6. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Absolutely! All 3 are excellent! He is really talented and you have every right to brag.

    I just posted my page for your 10x10 journal on my blog, if you want to have a looksie. I'll be sending it off to Carmen on Monday!


  7. Great talent indeed...keep on pushing and braging Grandma...

  8. Oh my gosh Changes In the Wind and JeanMac - my friends too.

    Anyway - his pictures are wonderful - wish he would have finished them and put them in the contest!


  9. Wow I love them all! He's very talented and I'm so pleased he had a go! I wish he'd done them in time for my competition too!

    When I get back to the UK, I'll come up with a new shape but my time is so limited here in AZ as we have friends staying with us and I can't get to read blogs or write on my own, but I will!

  10. Kenju -- Yes, he even came up with three ideas. Amazing.

    Talon – Michael will truly appreciate such a nice comment about his art from the winner:)

    Riot Kitty – Great words for my grandson. He will love these comments.

    Dream With the Fishes – Serena, he is really talented and to have someone with your talent recognize that makes it equally exciting. I have to say again how much I love what you have put on my page in the project.

    Changes – You know I’ll keep up the bragging. Thanks for validating me for that.

    Chatty Crone – Sandie, I knew I had been seeing your comments other places before you came here. Changes and JeanMac are great blog friends. Michael will appreciate your words and he’ll know he has to move a little faster for the next contest.

    LL Cool Joe – Michael will be very pleased that you got over here to see his work. I know he will be eager to get in your next contest. Hope you enjoy your time in Az and pick a good name for you boat.

  11. What a talented young man....BRAG ON GRANNY!!!! He should enter contests...he would be a sure winner.