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Slim and Franke
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Monday, August 23, 2010


Yesterday evening we were winding down from a busy weekend. A soft knock at the door yielded our neighbor's daughter Trinity and her friend Charlene (both 9 years old). The girls had been fishing and were dressed in their bathing suits with over sized t-shirts for cover ups. Their faces were filled with laughter and fun as they announced proudly that they had brought us a watermelon. Sure enough they had transported the watermelon through our field to the house in a little red wagon.

The girls came in and we thanked them and I got two dozen eggs for them to take back home in the wagon. But first we had to stop and see the goats in their new pen and let the girls pet them and give them a little sweet feed.

Then these two tiny giggling girls in their big flopping shirts were on their way home. It was decided that Charlene would pull the wagon with Trinity inside holding the eggs. At this point I was fairly certain the eggs would not arrive safely at grandma's house.

The girls struggled with the wagon trying to maneuver it over the brush and high grass and I made a minor suggestion that Charlene ride since she did not have shoes and Trinity do the pulling. Charlene assured me she never wore shoes and had walked over hot coals as a child. Plus the girls were bound and determined to figure this out for themselves.

Suddenly grandmother showed up in the pickup truck wondering what was taking the girls such a long time to deliver a watermelon. She saw them struggling with the wagon and instructed them very strongly to not try and pull each other through the tall grass and to get home as fast as they could. I was very happy to give grandma the eggs so I didn't have to worry about the girls breaking them.

Grandma left, I went in the house and Ron and I watched out the window as the girls finally figured out one could ride and the other could PUSH. Grandma had not said they could not push the wagon, only that they could not pull it. They traded places all the way home with one riding and the other pushing and half the time the two carrying the wagon over the roughest spots in the field.

These girls proved once more, where there is a will there is a way.

photograph found on google images


  1. I love strong 'women'. sandie

  2. And what wonderful girls! How nice that they brought you a watermelon!

  3. I could see them so clearly, Annie! I love that they didn't give up and they figured it out for themselves. I'm glad the eggs got a safe journey home :)

  4. Determined girls.. yummy watermelons and no broken eggs. Sounds like a nice ending to a great weekend.

  5. What a great story.

  6. What a wonderful image of summer fun and childhood. Thanks. Stella

  7. The only thing that disappointed me about this lovely photos. You didn't have to show faces...but a wagon with two girls in the grass is very lovely.

  8. Chatty Crone – They will grow up to be strong women won’t they?

    Lynn – They were more proud of their delivery vehicle than they were the watermelon.

    Talon – I hoped my words would paint the picture. Ron and I were so busy watching and laughing we didn’t think of getting a photo.

    Midwestern Mama Holly – Good summary and I just have to assume grandma got the eggs home safely. I guess she would have broken them as easily as the girls. LOL

    Winifred – Thanks my friend.

    Beverly – Thanks!

    Stella – It was a great image especially knowing the girls were going today for their first day of the new school year and they were literally departing their summer fun.

    Tabor – I hoped to portray the scene with words but I did take your advice and went looking for an image. I found a perfect picture that actually looks like our field. I just hope I’m not stealing someone’s copyright work.

  9. A scene like that reminds me of something from "Anne of Green Gables."

    Aren't you glad those eggs got a lift home? I could just imagine the scrambled mess they would've made in that wagon! :)

  10. They always out smart adults:)

  11. I'm glad the eggs were safe! lol

  12. That is such a cute story! And now I have a craving for watermelon.

  13. I could picture that whole scene unfold in my mind. What a great summer story.

  14. Trade for watermelon? Lucky you!
    They cost alot at the store this year- I finnally got my first 1/4 one at the store just last week.

    Sounds like those girls are having a great summer of teamwork n friendship- I remember those days.
    Enjoy that melon!

  15. Childhood should always be like this.

  16. Anonymous6:52 AM

    ...the makings of strong and self determined women...!!!

  17. Very cute story, Annie. You and Ron have a most interesting life with your family,friends,neighbors and pets.

    Speaking of pets, How is David making out with her kitties?

    Is she still being a good Mama?

  18. Kids can always find a way around a rule can't they! :D What a great story!

  19. Scarlet Ily – I too was seeing scrambled eggs for sure.

    JeanMac – Don’t you pity the adults that do not understand the depth of a child’s mind?

    Kenju – Can’t you just see their grandmother if they had arrived with egg splattered all over?

    Riot Kitty – Oh yes, by the way, the watermelon was delicious.

    Bonnie – Yes it was the perfect story for the last day before their school started.

    Snaggle Tooth – Those girls were having a great time and they reminded me of my carefree childhood, summer days and watermelon feeds.

    Dani – Amen!

    smArtee – I believe these girls are in the making for tomorrow’s leaders.

    Nancy – Yes, Ron and I do have a very interesting life and sometimes I will actually have the nerve to think I am bored. That is because I was a very spoiled child.

    OGO – I’m betting you see a lot of that “getting around the rules”. LOL

  20. Anonymous7:52 AM

    It is so refreshing to know there are still children in this world that go fishing, ride in wagons and carry watermelons to their neighbors and know about country fresh eggs. That is the way my children grew up and they are always talking about what a great childhood they had. So many children today don't know anything about that kind of lifestyle. Great post.