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Slim and Franke
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Sunday, January 24, 2010



Our new chickens are perfect. I may never try to raise baby chicks again. The hens have taken to our property and have fallen in step with the older residents. These big girls do not need to be warned of potential predators because they have already experienced enough life to proceed with caution. Our last batch of chicks never learned that. They ran behind the barn every morning right into the mouths of danger. If you have chickens, do you prefer acquiring adult chickens over raising chicks?

Have you all seen the photo of the pilot who crashed his plane and patched it back together with duct tape? Recently Stacy posted the picture and story. It has me thinking about all the amazing things I repaired as a single mom with duct tape. I kept my antique vacuum cleaner together for years beyond expectations by patching it up with duct tape. You could not tell it was ever red because it looked completely gray. What was your best home duct tape project?

There is a lovely floral painting in my living room. It was my grandmothers and she always had it in her living room. Looking at it reminds me of all the wonderful times at Grandma's house. My sister and I recently googled the artist and found this painting is most likely worth around $8,000. That would make my grandma so proud because I don't know how she acquired it, but I know she didn't pay much for it if she bought it. What centerpiece in your home brings back fond memories of your childhood?


  1. I don't think I've ever had a duct tape project. I do know they are not making it like they used to. We use it (in the business) to tape boxes at Christmas and it pulls loose sometime during the year. That shouldn't happen!

    I have many things that were in my parent's, grandparent's and favorite aunt's homes, and each of them reminds me of something in my childhood. The one thing I don't have that I wish I did was a print of an old painting showing Jesus in Gethsemane. I don't know what happened to it and it reminded me of my grandmother more than anything else I have of hers.

  2. P.S. Take a photo of that painting and let us see it, please.

  3. Believe it or not, I've never owned chickens (well, maybe on our farm in Cuba but I don't remember) and I've never used duct tape for a project.

    I do have a sculpture of fruit on my wall that reminds me of my first home in NY and all the great times we had in that dining room. It's probably worth nothing to anyone else but me. I think it's priceless!

    PS - I'd love to see the floral painting you mentioned sometime.

  4. Hubby is the master of the duct tape at this house. I think it leaves too much sticky mess over time. I love the photos of those hens. They are stunning and worth a painting of their own. I have some silly little beads that remind me of my sister who passed on way too young.

  5. Having never owned chickens myself I find your blogs most interesting.
    Keep up with the good work.

  6. My brain isn't functioning this morning so I can't think of anything I have that's particularly dear except my dad's senior picture.

    And the new hens are very pretty gals!

  7. I have no duct tape projects, so you've just given me an idea ;)

  8. The two golden girls: Flo and Ethel. The other one: Maine

  9. Oh the chickens are beautiful, Lucy's idea is great..they are the golden girls..and duct tape I never used it..

    My treasure, a photo which reminds me of my son who passed 18 years's a print over my fireplace and I imagine him the little boy there still a young boy.

    Dorothy from grammology

  10. Bertha, Mabel and Gladys. :o)

    We always had grown chickens and also let them set and raise chicks too, so we had all stages of growth at the same time. Babies and/or grown chickens are fine with me, either way. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

    I've used duct tape for just about anything you can think of, including patching rubber boots.

    Have a great week, Annie. :o)

    Love and hugs,


  11. I have an old tin box which my parents had all their married life.
    They never had much money and took the paying of bills very seriously so the box housed important documents - bills , rent book etc.
    When I look at it I'm six again.

  12. I'm a whiz at duct tape - I have a roll in my desk drawer. Just yesterday I repaired a toilet paper roll holder.
    I love the ball of bailing twine my Great-Uncle Herman collected. It's on a place of honor on my mantle.
    I'd love to see a picture of the painting too!