Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, August 09, 2009


This reality program is called "Dealing with the heat". I am on the den couch watching TV and/or movies while Slim guards the chickens by peeking out the curtains. Slim loves to perch behind me on the couch and we think she may be confused by her feline side:) What is your Reality Show about?


  1. Great photo of a real moment in your life. Slim looks protective and look relaxed and content (and a little "hot," so to speak). :)

    I should do one of these "reality shots" but then again, don't I always post reality shots??

    Happy Sunday!!

  2. Oh, Annie, you look so comfortable and secure with Slim protecting you and the chicks.


    Where was Slim when the Guinea was killing the keets?

    Seriously, I love the picture....

  3. Scarlet -- Absolutely your shots are all "reality" shots. If only I looked as good as you do in reality. LOL

    Nancy -- Slim can't be blamed becaus she is forbidden from entering the hen house and all the keet killing was done there -- behind closed doors.

  4. That's lovely, it's captured a moment in time.

    I have an old cat crying at me as I type. Must be time for his ablutions, he won't use a litter tray. Must go!

  5. Annie,

    A moment in reality show is Dakota perching on my lap every time I sit on the couch. Annoying sometimes but he is very protective when I'm here alone, and that is what I want.

    About walking in the cemetery in the rain...there were no people out and about but the cemetery was near a busy road and there were hundreds of people headed home from the lake. lol It didn't bother me a bit. I enjoyed it.

    Have a great day, my friend.

  6. My reality show is probably with my camera pressed against my face as I squint into the view finder. My hobby and passion for the last few years.

  7. Winifred -- does that mean your cat is trained to go outside? Now I could have a cat inside if I didn't have to have a litter box.

    Mary -- Slim is like Dakota. She wants to be touching me all the time. She never has been a lap dog but she does get very close always.

    Tabor -- Your art of photography shows. I always think I could be a photographer if I could get the right camera but somehow a new camera doesn't help my inability.

  8. You looked so relaxed, with the busy life you lead is this a rare moment?


  9. Oh my. That was my reality show last week...this week, it's "dealing with hayfever."

  10. OK, Slim, you are off the hook in the "Mystery of The Killed Keets"

    Sorry...Please accept my sincere apology....

  11. Yvonne -- Rather than "relaxed" I think I look almost comatose:)

    RK -- Hay fever makes a sad reality show. Bless your heart.

    Nancy -- Slim appreciates your reprieve:)

  12. Mine would be called "Hey, momn!" and I'd be hiding in the closet with a whiskey neat...

  13. Mine has too many aspects to focus on just one, but tonight, my reality show is sitting in my recliner with my feet in a hot bath of Epsom salts, watching the new reality show "Shark Tank". Did you see it? Very interesting.

  14. My life is sooo crazy I don't know if anyone would believe it's reality. I have an award for you on my blog. Pop on over.

  15. You look quite comfy there with the guard dog behind you!!

    My reality show this week was working outside and sweating like 92 degrees and high humidity days! I thought I was crazy to undertake such a chore! I'm sure the work didn't do me any harm though!

    I loved your meme too!!

  16. I love that she chills in the house with you but is still aware of what's going on outside. What a great dog!

  17. PG -- Oh I love it -- hiding in the closet with a whiskey neat. Now that is reality!

    Kenju -- I'm not sure about the shark show. I'll have to check on it. That foot bath sure sounds wonderful.

    Bonnie -- You are so nice to give awards. I never feel worthy and then I feel like I'll leave someone out if I try to pass them on. Thanks for the thought. You're the best.

    Rachel -- Yep, we're both comfy. I am feeling sorry for all the work you're doing but I'm admiring you a great deal at the same time.

    OGO -- Slim is a great dog and she knows how to do double duty. LOL