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Slim and Franke
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Friday, May 22, 2009


Reading Scarlet's many strange jobs and job interviews brought to mind a strange job I once held.

Nineteen and newly (foolishly) married, my spouse was busy spending my dowry so it was important for me to find a job. The job in the newspaper was for telephone solicitors and I was to make application at the Sundown Too motel. No kidding. My brother-in-law accompanied me and waited outside to make sure the job was on the up-an-up.

I got the job. I could have been a total incompetent and gotten the job. They were hiring any live bodies that showed up. We were to call local residents and sell magazine subscriptions. We were not to use our real names. My pseudonym was "Kelly". The boss was a total slob with food stains on his clothes and reeking of alcohol, creeping around and monitoring our calls, screaming orders at us.

One of my best friend's parents were on my list. I had to call pretending to be Kelly. The dad cussed me up one side and down the other. I had never heard such language out of his mouth. It was more fun later that evening to visit their home and introduce myself as Kelly the phone solicitor. (Remember I was also the local minister's daughter and these were church members. LOL)

Oh, and it was my first and last day working at the Sundown Too. No more working out of a motel room for me. Target called and I got a job stocking shelves.


  1. Hahaha! That's hilarious about your friend's dad! Remind me to tell you about my first office job sometime...calling patients who'd had penile implant surgery and asking them how it was working out.

    I am not making this up.

    In fact, I think I'll go blog about it ;)

  2. I did have a wee giggle at this.
    Loved the blog, it's good to laugh even when you live alone.


  3. You made a good move in leaving after one day. That boss sounds like a real creep.

    Experiences when we are young and naive are often a good learning lesson.

    My first job was making salads in a restaurant. It was okay until I went in the kitchen and saw how dirty it was. I quit and never ate in that restaurant again.

  4. My first job was as a waitress in a small town cafe and the owner/cook kept getting me in the corner and telling me dirty jokes and then laughing his head off. I was sweet sixteen and wanted to throw up! I made it through the summer with that job as I needed the money.

  5. wow!! i didn't know dowries were still a tradition in this country beyond the 1800s.

    glad you got out of the motel business and found target.


  6. RK, I'll be watching for you to blog about it. I believe your stories will top any stories I have from working for a Judge reading excuses to get out of Jury Duty.

    Yvonne, glad I could help make you laugh.

    Darlene, your salad story reminds me of a job my son had cooking hamburgers at a favorite water park. He went around after hours telling everyone not to eat there because the kitchen was so dirty.

    Tabor, the things we women have had to put up in the workplace. I worked for some real sleezes but thankfully my boss when I was 16 was a family friend and looked out for me. I was a gift wrapper in a department store.

    Namaste, we received a substantial cash gift from my uncle when we got married. My new spouse immediately quit his job and began spending that money on kegs for himself and his buddies. Basically that was what I called my dowry:) Needless to say I made a bad choice quiting college for this winner. However, I was blessed with two great kids so I have no regrets.

  7. Too funny about your friend's dad!

  8. I would've given anything to see the look on your friend's dad's face when you introduced yourself as Kelly. lol

    Great story, Annie!!

    PS - I can't wait to read about Riot Kitty's first office job! :)

  9. My first job was also telephone BS like that one. It was just a scam. Opened my eyes to the world of how $$ works.

    On the doggie post below... it took me a minute to realize the dog was stuffed!!!

  10. What??? You mean Bella isn't real?

  11. I'd prefer stocking shelves to that phone solicitor's job too!
    How funny that your friend's dad cussed you out and then you let him know about it later. My oh my, I bet his butt puckered when you said you were Kelly!!!