Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have been struggling with a bad tooth since December. My Bil the Dentist and his Endodontics friend were prolonging the inevitable to make sure it would need a root canal and to save me a bundle of money. Sometimes these kind of problems can go a year or an entire lifetime without demanding treatment. I only had one horrible pain event and the rest of the time I have been pampering the tooth and hoping it would not blow up on me. We have a trip coming up to Colorado and I did not want to be worrying about my tooth so when the Endodontics office called yesterday that they had an opening at 1:00PM, Ron and I were on our way.

It seems that I did not know how much pain I actually was in until it was over. With the pain gone, I am a new woman with a happy tooth. Oh yes, I am a great deal poorer as well but at this point it seems worth every penny. Both of these doctors of modern dentistry are among the group of totally painless professionals. I don't believe our children or grandchildren have ever known a moments old fashioned pain in the dental chair.

Let the good times roll!


  1. You will be able to enjoy your trip to Colorado .......pain free.
    I do hope you have a lovely time.
    Sometimes , especially with teeth one don't realise what pain you're in until it's gone.

    Take care.


  2. Hi Annie,

    I went to the dentist myself the other day.

    As we were getting started I said to him,"You know, Doctor, I would rather have a baby than get a tooth pulled."

    He replied,"Well,Madam, make up your mind so I can adjust my chair."

  3. I go every 4 months and I'm due in May. I have a tooth that is sensitive now, but it isn't a candidate for a root canal (already had one), and will have to be pulled when it gets to the point I can't stand it anymore. I'm glad you are pain free now.

  4. Glad you are pain free, Granny ! That IS worth every penny !

  5. You will be able to enjoy your trip to Colorado ...........pain freeeeeeee.
    I do hope you have a lovely time.

    you are one of my favorite visitors. I always feel like the post is incomplete without your comment.

  6. Yay! And I love this picture :)

  7. I have a tooth that flares up periodically with pain, but since a root canal followed by a crown was recommended and, since my insurance won't cover the $2,000+ cost I have opted to live with it until I can no longer stand it and then have it pulled.

    Right now I am pain free (knock wood.)

  8. Living with pain is no fun. I'm glad you feel better!! Let the good times roll INDEED!

  9. I have felt the pain of teeth and I have to tell you, there's nothing worse. And oh, can we "deal with it", having given birth!

    I'm so glad you feel better - and your wonderful, pain free trip is worth the cost!

  10. Yvonne, that was exactly what it was like. I had not idea how badly my tooth hurt until it was out of there. I have been told that I have a very high tolerance for pain.

    Nancy, you are absolutely too funny for words. I must send your comment to my bil the dentist.

    Judy, this was my third root canal and this same Endodontist did the others so I knew he does a good job. I will see him every 6 months.

    Yes L.Annie, it is amazing how you can finally get in enough pain that money is no object.

    Femin Susan, you comment was too nice and made my day. How sweet!

    RK, I was looking for a specific picture of “Happy Tooth” and couldn’t find the one I wanted but I found this one and think I even like it better.

    Kay, I see you're back and will be over to visit you. Thanks for the Hurrah.

    Darlene, my charge for the root canal was under $800. The other two I had required a post and a crown added later by my dentist. However this time he built some kind of tooth for me and it is a more permanent structure so I won’t need a crown. See if you can get that done and save that crown cost that is so much. I don’t know what it was called, sorry.

    Well Scarlet, if anyone knows about letting the good times roll it is you. I am pondering all your recent posts because you have a lot of thought provoking stuff to say.

    PG, I really can’t remember the pain of giving birth. My son was born when drugs were used every few hours to result in pain free delivery. Of course I was also memory free of his entry into the world and have always hated that. Then my daughter didn’t give us much time for drugs and I know I did a lot of hollering but really don’t remember that pain either. Also, at the time, I said my heart attack was the most pain I had ever been in, but I don’t remember that either. But, just listen to a guy whine about kidney stones. Yes, God has to be a woman.

  11. It's great that your tooth woes are over. I've had pain at the dentist before, but nothing awful. My brother was SO terrified of dentists and doctors when he was little. He had something wrong with the roots of some of this teeth, and the teeth would feel all wiggly and loose, but they would not come out because the roots were still firmly rooted. He refused to allow the dentist to give him a shot to numb him, and he had a tooth pulled without pain killer. He cried and screamed and ran out into the lobby when the dentist tried to give him the shot. He told my mom that he wanted the tooth pulled without the shot. She told the dentist to do it, and after it was done, my little brother about aged 10 at the time said, "That really hurt!!"
    My mom loves telling that story!

  12. I hate going to the dentist and I need to go. I broke a tooth about a year ago, it doesn't hurt but I know that something should be done to it... I'm such a baby when it comes to dentists.... I had a bad reaction to a root canal last time I went and I do NOT want to have that again.... No I'm no going.

  13. Hi, Annie! I'm glad all your root canal procedures went well. I have to agree with the other comments that there is nothing worse than toothaches. I have a sensitive tooth right now so I'm thinking of seeing my dentist in Nashua this weekend. My children go every 6 months and they are due next week so we're probably going altogether. We're so lucky to live close the Nashua area, family dentistry there are excellent.