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Slim and Franke
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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Here is one of the sweetest "chicks" known as Owen. If you remember my grand nephew is named for my dad. Here you see him resting on a blanket made by our mother. She was a master weaver and that just makes this photo even more precious.

I updated the situation with my Golden Girl chicks too soon. Yes, it did not get below freezing last night and I was relieved until Ron told me the lower temperatures are coming tonight. So, keep sending warm thoughts.

Now, Gary at ThreeScorePlusTen has tagged me for a meme. I did this one quite a while back when Riot Kitty tagged me but here are six more random things. (Previous random things are here) I'm supposed to tag six more bloggers but again, I'll just leave this open for anyone who wants to do this one.

Six (more) random things about myself:

1.) I am bald and that is a sad random fact of my life. However, sometimes it is a happy fact while friends are still getting their hair ready I pop on a wig and am out the door.

2.) I was a gin-rummy champion my freshman year in college which could account for continued education taking me many years to reach a 3.0 GPA and come off academic probation.

3.) My spouse does most of our gardening but I am always quick to say,"WE grew this" or "WE grew that."

4.) What more is there to wish for now that I have high speed Internet? (oh yes, I could wish to lose 50 lbs!)

5.) I am very immature for a person who has raised a family and managed a successful banking career and raises chickens. Spoiled might be a better word but can an individual be held accountable for what others have done to them?

6.) I watched TWILIGHT yesterday and enjoyed it.

Now it's up to six of you. If you take the challenge, be sure and comment here that you're doing this.


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  2. Granny,

    The baby is adorable. Now I know why people have them and keep them :)

    Is there some sort of heat lamps you can put out so that the chicks don't freeze ?

    You are spoiled - your just enjoying the good things you've encouraged the Universe to send you :)

  3. Owen is precious, and the blanket is lovely. I enjoyed your six things, but I don't want to do it....LOL

  4. I have one waiting in the wings so I'm going to consider this TAG a 2 for one... and you've already done yours.

    What a beautiful photo!

  5. Love the photo of your Owen! So sweet and innocent!

    Have a great weekend...

  6. Sweet faced Owen has red hair! He's just so lovely:)
    I'm the same with my DH's post cards as you are with the garden. he spent years collecting them, but now that I'm blogging them they've become "ours" and even I blush to say, "mine".

  7. I forgot to say I'm sending best vibes to your chicks. Winter begone! We love our chickens here on the OAW:)

  8. nothing like have a few hot chicks around---thanks too for playing the game and doing the meme---but ahh whats Twilight? a movie, a tv program, or we just talking about ma natures display as the sun finally sets?

  9. I know you don't know me but I've read your comments on many other blogs. I love your honesty.

    I'd like to do the meme as well. :)

  10. This is a great photo and I hope you are thinking of getting it enlarged and framed!

  11. Hi Annie,

    What a sweet baby little Owen is...

    Aren't we fortunate to have so many babies and children in our lives?

    When we are in Florida it is the little ones I miss the most.I can't wait to get home and hold a couple of them on my lap and tell them stories and sing songs....

  12. The picture of your sweet little Owen is just too precious!
    Enjoyed your meme too. I used to love to play Gin Rummy, was pretty good at it, very few of my friends could beat hubby never could. After a couple of years of trying he just refused to play cards with

  13. I'm thinking. I may need a bit to come up with six things I haven't told ya'll already. :)

  14. Owen is absolutely gorgeous. Lovely blanket too.

    Hope the temperature doesn't get too low for the little chicks tonight.

  15. Owen is adorable!!!!! I love his blankie. You baby chicks are cute too...Let's keep our fingers crossed that they survive the night...Good luck.

  16. Hello! What a SWEET boy, beautiful blanket, and I love the six random things. I'll file that one and do it. (Do go check out Joey's blog, btw - he's awesome!)

    I love what you wrote about doing your hair. You have such a great attitude about life in general, I think you DESERVE to be spoiled!

    Speaking of great attitudes - I once interviewed a woman who had a preventative double mastectomy and she said, "You know, when I'm in a hurry running around the house and I still think, 'Oh shit, I need to pick a bra,' and then I remember - I don't have to!"

  17. Owen is so sweet and precious. Truly a gift from God.

    I like how you say WE when most of the work has been done by Ron. There's nothing wrong with claiming credit. You admitted that you're immature and spoiled, so I see nothing wrong.
    I like saying WE also, too unless something bad happened, in which case I say HE.


  18. Ok as you know I have been very absent from the whole blog scene for quite some time due to work getting very busy and home life kind of getting I had decided that I was going to just read one post from each persons blog so I can catch up on what's going on in their as you know I was done with you on the post above about the chickens and I was about to go to the next blog and then I accidentally scrolled down and look here.

    If this is not the CUTEST little boy I have ever seen....and the cutest picture in the world!!!!

    Someone really has a good knack for capturing the best moments!! LOL