Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Monday, March 09, 2009


My siblings in serious discussion, "What are we going to do about our baby sister Ann?"

Hope very much at ease.

Beth, the dramatic tree hugger.

The O's, Olive and Owen in serious discussion, "What are we going to do about Aunt Ann?"

Just a quick entry with some pictures I wanted to share.


namaste said...

nice pics. i love the conversation going on between the infants. *smile*


Tabor said...

So, what did they decide to do about you?

kenju said...

Fess up!! Why do they HAVE to DO anything about you???

Grammie said...

Great pictures!

I hope that they all figured out what to do about you!


Riot Kitty said...


Darlene said...

I think you are doing just fine. No one needs to do a thing about Sister - Aunt Ann. A nice way to show some sweet photos, though.

JeanMac said...

Great pics!

Scarlet said...

I hope they decide to keep you! You're irreplaceable! ;)

Cute photos...especially that last one!

Mary said...


Love the photos and the captions are great too. They all love you and know you are kewl.


Michele said...

Loving the pictures! They're not wondering what to do with you, there wondering what they would ever do without you! Love you!

Linda G. said...

Ooooooh Olive and Owen! I'm getting those itchy fingers again!
Thanks for sharing your pictures, GA:)

Jamie Dawn said...

Whatever they decided, don't let them change you, Ann. I don't want to come back by here and see that you've devoted your blog to the analytical study of grub worms or some other such nonsense.
Those babies are adorable!! I LOVE babies!!!!
I got to hold my neighbor's grandbaby a few days ago, and I fed her her bottle and held for about two hours. What fun that was!!!!
Your granddaughters are so cute. Hope looks mighty comfy, and Beth has for some reason fallen in love with a tree.

Marla said...

Great photos. So what did they decide to do with you?