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Monday, March 23, 2009


I gave each grandchild a sentence and challenged them to write a story using that sentence and not revealing what their sentence was. The others would try to guess the sentence. Each starting sentence is highlighted in bold in each story.

BEACHTIME FUN by Ryan, age 16

Have you ever gained something only to lose it? I definitely have. I guess I should start this from the beginning. It all started when I went to visit my grandparents in California. It had been a long day and I was walking to the beach to relax.
When I reached the beach I laid out a towel and sat on it. I looked around and saw someone splashing in the water. I looked closer and saw that it was a girl. She noticed me and waved. I waved back and looked away shyly. I closed my eyes and pulled my ipod out of my pocket. I put the headphones in and turned on my favorite song. After a few minutes I fell asleep on my towel.
When I woke up my ipod wasn’t on anymore. I looked at it and saw that the battery had died. Suddenly I heard a scream from the water. I looked up and saw the girl I’d seen earlier thrashing in the water. I jumped up and ran to the edge of the water. Her screaming got louder. I ran into the water feeling adrenaline pumping through my body. I swam out to her and saw why she was screaming. Her foot was trapped under a rock and the waves were going over her head. I quickly ducked under the water and swam to her trapped foot. I grabbed the rock and freed her foot.
I resurfaced and put my arm around her waist. We swam back to shore together. When we reached the shore I picked her up and carried her to my towel. I set her down and looked at her face. I was momentarily stunned. Her bright green eyes were staring into my own. “Are you ok?” I asked breathlessly.
“I think I’ll be ok.” She replied.
“What’s your name?” I asked.
“I’m Jordan.” I said offering her my hand.
She shook it and I started smiling. She smiled back and I was stunned again. I started to pull my hand back but she didn’t let go. “Thank you for saving my life.” She said staring into my eyes again.
“I couldn’t let a pretty girl like you drown.” I said starting to blush.
She blushed a little to and said, “Would u mind if a gave you a reward?”
“What kind of reward?” I asked.
“This kind.” She said leaning forward.
She pressed her lips to mine and then leaned back again. My heart pounded in my chest. “I don’t mind that reward.” I said smiling.
“That’s good.” She said starting to lean forward again.
Before she could kiss me again a voice rang out across the beach yelling her name. “That’s my mom.” She said smiling apologetically.
She stood up and started to walk away. “Wait a second,” I said, “Will I see you again?”
“If we’re meant to see each other again then yes.” She said slyly.
“Can I at least have your number?” I asked standing up.
“I don’t have a phone.” She replied.
She turned around and quickly ran away down the beach to her mother. I looked back at my towel and saw something on it. I walked over to it and picked it up. It was a small piece of jewelry. I looked in the direction that Sarah had gone. I couldn’t see her anymore. I slipped the jewelry into my pocket and started to pack up my stuff.
While I was folding my towel I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Sarah standing there. My hand flew to my pocket and pulled out the piece of jewelry. She saw it and smiled. I put it in her hand. She grabbed my hand and then kissed my again. “I brought you something.” She said reaching into her own pocket.
She pulled out a picture and handed it to me. “So you won’t forget me.” She said
She kissed me one more time and then ran away. I looked at the picture and smiled. I would never forget my day on the beach. I finished packing up and then walked home smiling the whole way.


  1. That was a great day at the beach!

  2. what an interesting challenge exercise----as a guy I guess my story would have run more to something involving heart pounding fear----yes a most interesting challenge, and I loved the story.

  3. The whole time, I was picturing her turning into a mermaid. A good storyteller makes us think ahead and wish for more. Nice job!

  4. A Romance writer. Very creative and an excellent story from one so young.

  5. Wow, he had me at "Are you okay?" What a charming story! :)

  6. Ahhhhh.....the hormones of a 16 yr. old. He can come save me any day.

  7. Ok, so Michael writes Sci-fi/horror, Dylan- Mystery and Ryan- Romance and Beth could write comedy, it looks like you have the market cornered!

  8. Oh, a romance writer for sure! Well you have the science fiction, horror writer, the mystery writer, the romance writer and the creative,humorous writer. Keep encouraging them to write. That was a great idea and lots of fun to read.

  9. Annie,

    Ryan also did a terrific job with his story. He also has potential. Possibly a future romance writer?

    I've enjoyed all the stories and am glad you talked your grandchildren into doing this little writing exercise. Very nice.