Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Saturday, January 24, 2009


See my new Roper's! These boots are made for ..................going to the casinos. Whoohoo!
My refirgerator is a blank slate before Christmas and then pictures out of the cards start going up. Thought I'd take this picture before I take them down. I love cards with photos.

My life is wonderful. I want to pinch myself half the time to make sure I'm not dreaming. The last eight years of blissful retirement cause me to ponder how I could have done anything to deserve this life.

Today's "I Love Your Blog" link inspired my thinking on our retirement. Be sure and click the link to read her post that spells it all out very well.

Yesterday's link was to Loving Annie's if you missed it.


Barry said...

I thought my wife was the only one who decorated our fridge over Christmas.

I guess its a phenomenon--or a movement.

Bonnie said...

Sometimes I'm so driven that I don't see myself retiring ...

then I read your blog.

namaste said...

god works in mysterious ways. looks like you've benefited from so many of his blessings.

Loving Annie said...

What a wonderful thing it is to love your life ! Eight years of bliss is a good thing indeed - obviously you did the right things to create it !

And thanks again for yesterday's link :)

Marla said...

I am so glad that you are happy with your life. Despite many hardships in mine, I like my life. I get down but I really try to enjoy the blessings that I received in my life and their have been many! You just seem like a woman who would be so fun to have around!

Scarlet said...

Maybe I should stop searching for a job and just retire.

I could shop for casino boots and decorate my fridge with cool pics. You make it look like so much fun! ;)

Kay Dennison said...

It looks like I'm retiring whether I want to or not. This is not good.

annie kelleher said...

hello!!! i am honored to meet you!!!! you can be the first granny annie, how's that? :) thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice commnets!!!! i'll be back here, too!!! pleasedtameetcha as they say where i come from!!! and NO!!! it doesn't end with me skinny at all!!! :)))

Michele said...

Ok, when Chelle and I were designing your VP bank attire, I never would have dreamed walking into your closet and finding a pair of ROPERS!
Wow, you are a true country-fied lady now! They are a great looking pair of boots! Hope they bring you luck at the.... casino!

Z said...

Hi! You mentioned not coming by the blog anymore because you're fed up with politics, but that was my FAITH BLOG for Sundays!!
We don't always cover politics..I'll miss you and am sorry I haven't been here more computer keeps kicking me off line for no reason and I'm barely hanging in with blog work! But, we're supposed to get someone in this week!
Thanks for having come

Dorothy said...

Oh I can't wait until I am able to retire as well. I'm 62 and it will be at least 3 years before I can. I treasure the dreams of just doing what I want.

Blessings to you and your family..

Hugs Dorothy from grammology

Riot Kitty said...

You deserve it! Glad you are happy!

Jamie Dawn said...

Cute boots!
I like cards with photos too, also. I love seeing the photos of family and friends that maybe I don't get to see in person very often.
Ann, you deserve this wonderful life you are living.
You didn't always have it so blissful, and now you are enjoying life to the fullest with the love of your life.

nora said...

I'm thrilled that you appreciate and are enjoying your retirement! Those boots are amazing- and can can't wait to see a photo of them and the casino floor!