Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, January 02, 2009


I drew this "Markering" coloring page from a blog listed on my Blogger Buddies. Your challenge is to search the blogs to find this picture and tell me:

1.) The name of the blog it came from
2.) The name of the person in the picture
3.) Where the picture is posted on the blog

Your name will be entered in the drawing five times if you guess correctly without any clues, four times if you guess correctly after first clue, then three after second, two after third and one after final.

Tell me in the comment section that you are going to enter a guess then email your guess to rather than post it in the comments.

The winner of the contest will receive an Eaghl Markering coloring page of a photo of their choice. The chance to guess ends January 8, 2008.

Good luck!

I have permission of the blogger to use this image from their blog.

Clue #1 in the "Color Me Who?" contest: You will find this blogger in Kentucky.

Clue #2 for the "Color Me Who?" contest is: Find this blogger and you will find lots of church signs.

Clue #3 in the "Color Me Who?" contest: Take a "slide" into this blog and find photo on first page.

Clue #4 for the "Color Me Who?" Contest: Find this blog between the 20th position and the 22nd from the bottom.


  1. Not a clue here, but I'll snoop around and maybe I'll find her.

  2. I still haven't bought my yellow (good luck) undies, but I'll give this one a try. ;)

  3. Dear Tabor, you got too excited and answered on the blog comments instead of emailing the answer. I deleted it but you are in the contest. Why do you say to cheated? How could you do that? Thanks for playing.

  4. No idea! Fun contests, though.

  5. I would have known this one right off the bat!!
    Rachel is one of my favorite blog buddies, and I had the pleasure of meeting her in person TWICE!!!!!