Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Once again I am back where I started. My weight has ballooned to my single highest level -- the place I swore I would never be again. Why me Lord?

My last deal was simply riding my exercise bicycle every morning and evening. I lost six pounds before the excellent excuse of my shoulder injury sat me back on my couch. It took four months for the doctors to even get me into physical therapy and by then I had pampered my injury and over used the other arm, thus injuring it as well. But I digress.

Prior to that I lost 48 pounds on a great diet I created for myself. It had to do with a lot of fasting and while my cardiologist applauded my weight loss he did not like the idea of any kind of starvation as it causes Adrenalin surges that are not good for the heart.

Once I cut out potatoes and chocolate for 30 days and lost 30 pounds.

I have been successful with the bananas, eggs and wieners diet. Twelve a day of one or co-mingling all three.

I've been a member of Weight Watchers and had my best results there by my friend who attended with me quit, therefore here comes my excuse to quit as well.

I did manage to sanely loose 50 pounds and keep it off for a couple of years by riding my exercise bicycle every morning with my laptop computer built on a platform on the handlebars of my bike. That was the time I removed the word "diet" from my vocabulary and simply kept busy.

I have never taken a diet pill or become involved in a fad diet without losing weight. It all works because we believe. BUT -- we only believe for 12 days. I've learned that is the average time for weight loss to begin slowing down on any of these spectacular advertised specials.

Of course I have proven in this diatribe that exercise is the single best way to keep weight off. Still..................I might call Jenny Craig tomorrow.

Be sure and click on my I Love Your Blog link to learn who else is struggling with self image. Also check yesterday's feature that has to do with garlic. Perhaps I could rub it all over myself to lose weight?


  1. Grannie, I do so empathize with this. 50 pounds...that is quite an accomplishment. I refuse to diet although I will try to cut back on quantities of food and also avoid anything with preservatives or corn syrup. Yet my challenge for those last 10 pounds continues.

  2. The ONE thing that helped me lose weight in the last 3-4 years was when mr. kenju was in the hospital for 3 weeks. The daily treks from the parking deck to his room, and eating hospital food instead of Bojangle's chicken biscuits took 9 pounds off me. It's not the best method.....LOL

  3. I feel your pain. I weigh more than I ever have in my whole life. I keep telling myself it's OK because my clothes still fit (my pants all have spandex in them) and I haven't broken 190 yet! And I'm 5'7" so I can hide it pretty well! And then I tried on a suit for an interview the other day (Thank God I tried it on first) and the pants (no spandex) looked like a sausage casing. I have got to get back on Weight Watchers. It's the only thing that works if you just stick to it. Sticking to it is the problem!!

  4. I do think our major weight problems did start with stretch pants! It's easy not to notice the weight piling on as they expand to accommodate!
    I always gain in the winter and lose in the summer, but I'm far, make that farrrrr, from my ideal weaight and know I'll never see it again in my lifetime...which is shorter now that I'm so fat.
    Strange, I thought I commeted on your excelent short-short story yesterday..more and longer please:)

  5. My doctor took me off my thyroid meds and I've gained 10 lbs. I am not happy. My jeans are too snug (no spandex for this girl) and I feel like h-e-l-l. When I FINALLY get to see him this week, I'm going to stomp my feet and scream that he schedule the tests, etc. so I can go back on my meds.

  6. I have never dieted, although my new scale is waying me way more than I thought I weighed. Perhaps it is because I couldn't read the other scale. This new digital shows me at way more that I wanted, so now I don't like this scale. I don't eat a good diet. I only eat a couple times a day, not good I know. My problem is no exercise so the rolls of fat go no where. I just don't know when I can exercise. I do walk to car in morning, drive 1 hour, sit at a desk for 9 hours,walk to car, drive one hour, walk into house, sit down for cup of coffee, maybe eat supper, and sit back down, walk to bedroom, sleep! At least I walk a few steps a day! Terribly out of shape.

  7. Granny,
    I have struggled with this myself over the last 10 years. 40 pounds on and then 40 pounds off. More fun putting it on and lots of discipline taking it off. I like being healthy, but I also comfort eat - and those are contradictions in terms if there is too much fat and sugar and salt too often !
    My empathy -

    p.s. you haven't commented on my blog in a while. Did I do something to offend you ?

  8. Tabor, I was so good to do all those things after my heart attack. Now I cannot pass up any delicious treat.

    Judy, I admire your weight loss but remember your constant hospital vigil and certainly don't want that diet plan!

    Jan you are me. I really don't need to do anything until the clothes turn to poured on. You are so funny about making up stories too and talking to yourself in accents. I do that too! Does this mean we're both insane or that we're the only two sane ones?

    Linda, you confused me changing you signature name. Now I got it. My stories don't go anywhere. They are just moments of fantasy and I am very dramatic in my television selections too.

    Kay, we will all rejoice in the event you ever receive adequate and helpful medical care.

    Marla you are getting your exercise and I like to think you probably take good care of yourself despite yourself. You're still carrying a heavy load.

    Loving Annie, it sound like all us gals struggle. Weight fluctuations drive us crazy! You certainly haven't offended me. I'm way behing on comments because of my computer crash and it is still giving me fits! I hope to be whole again soon.

  9. Well, I'm thin but I wasn't always like this. I was a heavy kid and I lost the weight in high school. These days I drink lots of water (and vitamin water) and keep myself busy. I only eat small meals (about 5-6 a day). They say an apple keeps the doc away; I say water and espresso work wonders!

    Good luck, Granny Annie! I know you can do it...but stay away from that rub-on garlic. You'll probably lose more friends than weight if you try that! ;)

  10. Bananas, eggs and wieners?! I recommend lots of coffee, sex and working out to release the stress...seems to work :)

  11. I don't know this Riot Kitty but I like her way of thinking.
    Thanks for the mention GA.

  12. Oh, gosh, such a difficult thing to deal with. When I retired 3 years ago, I gained 30 pounds just from overeating - no desserts - just too large servings. With help from my treadmill, I got it off. Keep plugging away - we're rooting for you.
    PS Great work of art on Scarlet's blog!

  13. Such weighty matters!! I am trying, but not real hard, to lose some weight. The only successful way is to burn more calories than you eat. Not an easy thing!

    I did lose 60 lbs. once before and kept it off for several years. My brother lost some weight and came to visit me, and after he left I said, "If he can do it, so can I."
    That was all the motivation I needed to get me going. Now I struggle for motivation.

    Then I married my husband and he was, before he got sick, a great cook, and he loved to eat out. He introduced me to shrimp scampi and lobster, lots of steaks, and all that good stuff that packs on the pounds. So I have gained almost all of it back again slowly. I have a real problem of snacking late at night. I'm trying to kick that habit!

    I have been doing better lately and setting small goals instead of large ones.

    Oh, you gave me a good laugh on your comment to Rev. JD's sermon!! LOL You are funny!

    My word verification is untestus!! Haha!!

  14. I do best on weight watchers and Atkins....Good luck whatever you pick.

  15. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Honey, I was once overweight. Not a lot, but by MY standards and the medical profession I was. Then I found myself in the hospital DYING of an illness unrelated to being overweight. One month later, I walked out of the hospital a skinny, gaunt, sickly looking person and the reason I LIVED THROUGH THE ILLNESS????? According to the doctors, I "luckily" had some body fat to sustain me through the ordeal.

    Either way, fat, skinny, exercise enthusiast, couch potato, we all end up the same in the end.

  16. I've found that as I got into my forties that weight management became more difficult. It sucks.
    I wish there was a magic solution, but you are right.
    Exercise does help us burn calories and keep the weight off. I do exercise regularly, but I still cannot eat as much as I used to and maintain my weight. I used to could eat a lot, and now I still desire to eat a lot, but can't without paying a price in my bohunkus and elsewhere.
    I wish you well in 2009. Mostly, I wish you good health and a strong heart.