Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, December 22, 2008


My sister gave us this lovely little ice skating scene. It was fun to open and fun to set up (at least for Ron who watched Sis and I put it together). The skaters are placed above magnets, the scene is plugged in, music plays, lights go on and the skaters begin to move around the frozen pond. It is delightful.

Sis brought one for Bro too. We set mine up so he and sil could see what it was and not have to open theirs until they got home.

This morning Bro called Sis. He told her that he now knows what it's like to get coal in his stocking. The box was empty! It seems Sis had purchased the last two skating scenes in the store and one was the display. She purchased and wrapped an empty box for our brother.

Now they are even. Why?

Several years ago my brother and sil ordered family photos for their Christmas cards. When they received their order they found a family card included of complete strangers. The card was accidentally placed in their order. They sent it to my sis and bil with a note about remembering all the good times and telling them they would see them in the New Year. Sis and bil had no idea who these people were and they frantically tried to remember, asking everyone if they knew the strange family. Finally bro confessed.

Now you know why they are even.

As always I am the innocent bystander:)
Just don't ask anyone about April Fools Day!


  1. I love your ice skaters. How funny your bro and sis are. It's nice that famly can have fun together like that. I just hope your sis gets her $$ back.

  2. What a lovely ice skating scene, I have a little one but, nothing like that. I live in Northwest Arkansas. I hope it okay for me to follow your blog. Cheers!

  3. LOL - I love your family! ;)

  4. Ohm, what a good trick to play on someone!! You have given me an idea...hehheh!

    I like your skaters!

  5. What a cute holiday display, I am sure it is quite a conversation piece.

  6. Hahahaha! Great stories.

    In my husband's family, Christmas comes with strange and fake-out wrapping. He started this of course...a couple of years ago, he got a box of Kraft mac and cheese from his mom (with $100 taped to it), and once he even sewed a leather sheath around a present for his sister.

    Everyone is relieved now that I do the wrapping in this household!

    I love your skating set, too - delightful.

  7. Annie, you could have been the one opening the empty box.......You are the lucky one.

  8. My cousin emailed me this comment: "Read your blog - - and remembered that every Christmas (until the last few years) - my folks always received an envelope full of confetti. No note, card, saying, etc. Just confetti - - and it was always mailed from out-of-state - - and different states. They never figured it out." Don't you want to do this to somebody?

  9. Great story. Everyone gets even eventually. Good luck on that.

  10. Annie,

    Oh my goodness. Your family has a keen sense of humor. If I had been our sister I would have died when I found out that box was empty.

    Enjoyed the story and am glad there is still humor in life.

    Every once in a while, I give my brother a Christmas gift and the tag simply says, "From Santa." It's always something I know he will like. This year it is a Civil War calendar of Confederate leaders - Lee, Jackson and Davis. He used to be a Civil War reenactor and always fought for the South. I wonder if he'll ever find out who Santa really is.


  11. This made me laugh! No one forgets anything in this family! :)
    I love it!