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Slim and Franke
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Thursday, December 04, 2008


We have enjoyed the totally insane TV show BOSTON LEGAL and this is the final season. It seems they are dropping the bar as they bring this to a close. However on Sunday evening they hit a home run as they used 85 year old Betty White’s character to raise an interesting fact about television programming.

The largest group of television viewers are over 50 but the majority of the programs are geared for younger people. According to the BOSTON LEGAL storyline that is because younger folks need reality TV that doesn’t require a lot of concentration and they can play on their cell phones, game boys, and ipods, etc., while a program is on.

Assuming this information from a TV show is true, why wouldn't the producers of television shows try to appeal to their largest audience? Why aren't advertisers of products for the 50+ raising questions? I knew there wasn’t much on Network TV that appealed to me but I didn’t think of it as age discrimination.

Tell me if you are in age group 20-30 or 30-40, 40-50, 50 plus and let's
hear what your favorite programs are on NBC, CBS, PBS Fox and ABC.

(I'm 50+ and the only show I truly hate to miss is Two And A Half Men, Monday at 8:00 CST. With five grandsons and two being raised by their dad, I've just got to love Jake!)

December “Color Me Who” contest clue for today is: The picture this was drawn from is in one of the blogger’s October posts.

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  1. I've never been a TV person -- but I do like Law and Order and NCIS --I have a huge crush on Mark Harmon! He can call me! LOL

  2. Unfortunately I love stories and therefore watch too much TV. I make sure that I DVD Mad Men, Burn Notice, The Closer, Nigella Express, Masterpiece Theatre, and some of the food channel shows. That way, when there is nothing on TV but reality shows I can watch these. I do love reruns of As Time Goes By for the very reason they have intelligent charismatic people of a certain age.

  3. Granny,

    I had never thought of age discrimination either. I don't watch much TV except around Christmas. I do like watching Dragon's Den on Monday night. It is a show where entrepreneurs go before a panel of Dragons (millionaires) to ask for money to help them with their businesses and it's strictly Canadian as far as I know. However, half the time I forget to watch it.

    Not many of the shows that are on interest me. I guess it's because I'm over 50.

    Take care and thanks for your comments on my Christmas memories post.


  4. I am in the 50 plus category and the only shows I like are reality ones like cops, Code blue, Jon and Kate plus 8 and etc. I do not like sitcoms and do not like fiction so that doesn't leave much:) I Liked "So you think you can dance" when it was on but not a fan of dancing with the stars........Like Mary said.....not many shows interest me or at any rate none that I run home to not miss:)

  5. i'm 30 - 40. i like 30 rock, the office, the daily show, colbert report...south park - although this season has been really disappointing :( but half the time i just watch food tv because there's nothing on that interests me. oh! i like SVU and The First 48, it's on A&E. you'd like it - it's a reality show - like really real - they follow homicide detectives around during the first 48 hours of a murder! while they try to solve the case!!

  6. I'm in the 50 plus category as well. I am not much of a TV fan, and when I do watch, it's usually programs like Animal Planet, Food Network, HGTV, TLC and Nat. Geog. I do like some sitcoms, and like Law and Order. I do not watch anything with crime in it. I love Dancing with the Stars and So You think You Can Dance. They entertain. Usually, people in my age group are pretty well "invisible" to advertisiers.

    Goodness, after seeing my list, I come to realize that I do watch more TV then I thought! LOL.

    Have a great day!


  7. Being in the 50+ category hasn't changed my viewing at all. I mostly watch PBS (we're lucky to have 2 channels here). I have watched enough cable at friends' homes to know I don't need to spend the monthly fee to get it. Sure, I have less choices with no cable -- but I hardly have time to watch network + PBS.

    I do like Boston Legal, CSI (all of them), Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty. That's about it for me.

    Even though there is a lot of disposal income attached to our demographic -- we will buy prescriptions rather than make up or the latest anything. Most of us tend to use stuff until it's gone. Advertising to us, frankly, isn't a wise expenditure -- unless its for prescriptions or power chairs!! LOL

  8. I'm 50+...We don't have TV at all, but get Netflix, sometimes rent whole seasons of CSI, the Closer, etc. We also love Mystery Movies from PBS and watch lots of those. I'm going to tell E to put the first season of Boston Legal on our list!

  9. Oh, there's a little award for you at my site:)

  10. Oh, there's a little award for you at my site:)

  11. Kay, I like NCIS a lot and the original Law and Order. (I miss Lenny)

    Tabor, I'm catching up with Mad Men on Netflix. Ron and I both love As Time Goes By because we are Lionel and Jean:-) If only the major Networks could come up with something like that!

    Guess we don't get Canadian shows. I've never heard of Dragon's Den. It certainly sounds interesting.

    Changes (Monica) did you enjoy the old Westerns like Gunsmoke?

    Jessi, I guess you are pretty typical for your age group. I do watch The First 48 but Law and Order SVU is too depressing. Did you know that Mariska Hagitay is Jane Mansfield's daughter? Oh you're so young you probably haven't heard of Jane Mansfield.
    Hey, are you looking for my Color Me Who page?

    Renie, I see a contradiction in your response (besides the fact that you realized you liked more shows than you thought. LOL) . You said you liked Law and Order then said you didn't like anything with "crime" in it.

    Kitty you're a hoot! Yep, we can be sure the power chairs are being well advertised. LOL

    She (Linda) I love my Netflix so much I could get stop watching TV all together. Thank you for the award. I did post it!

  12. Two and a Half Men is hilarious! Jake has grown up before our eyes and he's so witty with his know his Uncle Charlie's rubbed off on him. :)

    I also like the show, 24. I'm a huge Jack Bauer fan.

    Great post, Annie!

    Btw, I have NO IDEA who the woman in December's "Color Me Who" contest is! I need about 8 more clues! :)

  13. I do like TV esecially in winter.

    I don't recognise a lot of the shows named I assume they're not shown in the UK. We do have a programmme called Dragon's Den seems the same type of thing. I've never seen Boston Legal and saw one programme of Ugly Betty & opted out. Not my kind of thing.

    I really like comedy and drama. At the moment we're in the middle of a Jane Austen fest and it's great. Saw the Keira Knightley 2005 film version a couple of nights ago and tonight it's Emma.

    My favourite was the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, much better than the Keira Knightley film version. I managed to get the 2 free DVDs of the BBC programme with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehrle, brilliant! Also love the BBC series of Cranford and From Larkrise to Candleford.

  14. As near as I can tell only 13 separate shows were listed from the four major networks, CBS, NBC, PBS and Fox. Those are the shows we get free. The total count for shows we watch totaled 35. Less that 50% (37%) of our chosen programs are found on free networks. 63% of our programming comes from cable or paid channels. I find that interesting for whatever this strange poll is worth.

  15. Oh yes, and Scarlet tomorrow's clue should make the guessing a slam dunk on the Color Me Who contest. And, you know I love Jack Bauer!

    Winifred I totally enjoy the BBC programming. We especially love BBC World News. You can get serious news without all the Hollywood hype.

  16. I like cooking shows like Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen. I like Law and Order, the special victims one. I don't watch as much as I use to, so I just have the TV on for noise, I guess! I like Lost!

  17. Over 60! and I share your love of Boston Legal and hate to see it go. I suspect the writers/producers will be back soon with another hit - at least - I hope so.

  18. I'm 45, and these are my favorite shows:

    Mad Men

    Ugly Betty



    The Office

    I love love love Betty White!!!
    I think her comedic timing is superb, and she is just the cutest thing ever.
    I've seen many episodes of Boston Legal. William Shatner is a riot... Denny Krane!

  19. Grannie Annie,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Come back and visit anytime.

    As for me, I am 32, and I have recently gone through a TV overhaul. I used to have a DVR, and I would record all kinds of shows, and watch them when I was home.

    I got rid of my DVR, and use the internet to view the must-sees for me.

    1. House, MD (Fox)
    2. Life (NBC)
    3. Boston Legal (ABC)
    4. Burn Notice (USA)
    5. The Closer (TNT)
    6. Monk/Psych (USA)

    I'm very sad about Boston Legal's final season. I love Alan Shore, Denny Crane, Shirley Schmidt, and of course, Jerry 'Hands' Espensen.

  20. i'm 42. my fav shows: boston legal, the closer, dexter, the brotherhood, jeopardy, and the mentalist.