Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We were ready for bed when Slim sounded the alarm. I let her out and heard the squawking ruckus in the hen house. Ron grabbed his gun and I grabbed the flashlight. I held the flash light on our prey while Ron blasted it to kingdom come. No chickens were harmed in the making of this blog post. We are a well oiled team of three -- Annie Oakley, Doc Holiday and Rin Tin Tin.


  1. Scary but necessary.

  2. I'm glad everyone came out unscathed (except, of course, the intruder)

  3. Oh my. I need to get me a farm. :)

  4. You are hired! Now if our country could just take lessons and arm themselves for any possible intruders as there are some who aren't just looking for chickens.

  5. LOL I love the comment above. It seems you three are a good team. I'm glad no chickens were harmed. I remember the foxes that used to visit my grandmother's chicken coop and they got the same medicine. Prince, our Rin Tin Tin used to sound the alert. Memories of childhood in the making of this post, Annie and I read the previous one and commented there.


  6. Oh dear. I didn't know what you meant when you said intruder. I thought it was a burglar I had visions of you being put in prison!

    Poor chickens but they had a lucky escape and poor fox didn't!

  7. The fearsome threesome! You go!

  8. A good team.:)
    Glad the chickens escape.

  9. Way to go! It's good that your husband is a good shot and missed the chickens! You must be pretty good with a flashlight.

  10. No chickens were harmed in the making of this blog post

    *I love it!*

  11. Yew shore is a darn tootin' good teem!!

  12. Dear Slim,

    I like and admire the way you alerted your family to the dangers befalling your chickens. You are GOOD!

    But, When I was in my prime, I was the best. Why, I remember the time I saw flames in the barn and the family was at dinner and didn't notice, so I ran in and wrote FIRE in the mashed potatoes.... Yes, I was good,Slim. Keep up the good work and some day maybe you will be one of the great ones like I was.


    Your Friend,


  13. Wahoo! And shades of the old west too! Your chickens are darn lucky to have such "well oiled" protection!

  14. yeah, we've had to do the same thing before

  15. Yes Tabor, it was scary -- mainly because I was out there in my nightgown.

    Bonnie we were unscathed but I'm afraid the barn looked like an episode of CSI in the morning. I've been studying the blood spatter.

    Scarlet, does that mean you crave doing some shootin'?

    Monica, I'll bet you'd have been by our side in this shootout. Yep, we also dread the day another type of intruder might appear.

    Mary, our chickens and guinea fowl were also glad they were not harmed. The Princes and Slims of this world keep the farm critters as safe as they can.

    Yes Winifred, had we shot a human intruder WE would have gone to prison and that's the shame in this whole business. Not only are some game predators protected by law, most criminals are also protected by law while the victims are left in shock.

    Oh yes, OGO, fearsome threesome -- or how about Terror Trio?

    Thanks Venus, we are a good team.

    Marla, Ron is an excellent marksman and my job is best carried out with the flashlight. If I had the gun I'm afraid we could have had a human victim. Most likely myself - probably would shoot my foot.

    Thanks Riot Kitty. I thought that was pretty funny myself.

    Ya betcha JD, we're renaming the barn the OK Corral!

    Nancy, how nice of you to transcribe the note from Lassie and forward it. I have shared the adventure with Slim and she's learning to write fire and is looking for some mashed potatoes.

    Linda, when I was a banker I never dreamed such "shades of the old west" existed or were necessary.

    Slade, somehow I'm surprised that you ever had to do such things? Did you grow up on a farm?

    Thanks all for your neat comments!