Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Anyone voting for Barack Obama for President (which I did not as you well know but who I support as elected President ) knew that he was a smoker. It did not seem to be a big deal. Now he says he won’t smoke in the White House. Who cares? He will be President of The United States and smoking is legal and it is the privacy of his own home.

I do not smoke but I used to. Four days on morphine in the hospital after my heart attack cured me. I mean it really totally completely cured me. I walked out of the hospital not desiring to smoke and the desire has not returned. It was a Mackerel!

However, prior to this major and miraculous event I had tried to stop smoking on my own and failed each time. While I was trying to stop I turned into the meanest and most confused soul on earth. Personally I do not want the President struggling to solve major world issues and concentrating on the need for his nicotine at the same time. Can he put Russia or China or Korea or Iran on hold on the red telephone as he heads outside for a puff or two?

Now the media will stalk him trying to catch him with a smoke. It will be front page on the tabloids. We will probably treat him worse over that tobacco than we did Clinton and his cigar!


kenju said...

I hope not. I have posted several times about how much I smoked and how hard it was to quit. I hope he will quit, if only to be an example to others, especially his girls.

Changes in the wind said...

Grannie Annie....I could not have said it better!! I too was a heavy smoker and quiting was the hardest thing I ever did but I must say it also was the best thing because there is nothing better than FREEDOM!! I did not even know he smoked until I recently read that he would not smoke in the White House.

Winifred said...

It's great that you gave up the weed.

The only smoker in our family was my Dad and we gave him a hard time about it complaining about the smell and how it made us cough.

I used to feel a bit guilty about it but now I wish we'd given him an even harder time to make him give up. He never did sadly. So good for you!

Jamie Dawn said...

I heard the White House has a No Smoking policy, so I guess he'll have to chew Nicorette while he's there.
If the stress of the campaign made him relapse back into smoking, then the stress of being President is going to cause his habit to triple. Campaigning is one thing, leading our nation is a much harder thing. If smoking calms his nerves, then I guess it's better for him to smoke than to be on edge. For the sake of his health, I hope he's able to kick the habit.

Scarlet said...

He can excuse himself and get his fix (in the White House smoking lounge) if he so desires. After all, he is the President and as you say, smoking is legal.

Congrats to you for giving it up! You have better habits now. ;)

Oh great One said...

He shoulda just kept that tidbit to himself. There will be big bucks to the photographer who catches him in the act.

Tabor said...

All Federal offices have a no smoking policy, but I am sure the President can do pretty much what he wants. I had not really thought through this whole issue and you have put it in good perspective. Congratulation on being a non-smoker.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Oh dear! I hadn;t given the issue a thought, but you are so right...will he be sneaking a smoke in the Presidential bathroom or suffering from withdrawl? Maybe he can nibble on some jelly beans ..

Ralph said...

I heard that this on the news first thing this morning and thought - who cares.
I'm with you - take a puff or two and make a sane decision.
Funny - my word verification characters are - boom


Granny Annie said...

These are such interesting responses. For former smokers it is easy to relate to those moments of withdrawal and we really don't wish them on anyone.

Ralph, your verification word sure expresses my greatest fear.

Riot Kitty said...

I didn't know that he hadn't quit - and I agree, he should to set a good example for his girls. (I know, I know - there's nothing worse than an ex-smoker, right?)

I went to a concert Sunday night and left complaining about the pot smoke. I felt old.

Mary said...


I live in Canada, so my opinion hardly counts. The one thing I have against the public when it comes to the President or our Prime Minister is that they try to live their personal lives for them. We need to mind our own business. lol If Obama wants to smoke, that is his personal choice. It has nothing to do with how intelligent he is or whether or not he can lead the country. My opinion is the same as yours. If he has been unable to kick the habit, then let him have a smoke. He could do worse things and if the White House has a smoking lounge, the more power to him. If not, then he will have to step outside.

Enjoyed my visit, as always.


dana wyzard said...

SAD BUT TRUE: I stopped smoking for 15 years and picked it up again just for the hell of it. After five days on morphine this February, I came out clean and smoke free. FIVE MONTHS later, while remembering how I started again after fifteen years, I felt defeated to fate. I figured I'd start again eventually, and I ON PURPOSE, picked up a cigarette and got started again. MAN. IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT. Now I have to look forward to having another 5 days on morphine. It's my only chance.

adelen said...

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