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Slim and Franke
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Every day I learn something new about our chickens. They must originate from India because they can walk over hot coals. Actually hot burning brush piles. What they won't do for a bite of food! You would think we never feed them. Ron has been clearing brush and burning it and I have watched out the window as the chickens flock to the fire and climb all over it while it is smoldering. I guess they prefer their bugs toasted. They eat like pigs. I think the expressions should have been "they eat like chickens".

Now, my dear friends, here this bit of news. In 4 to 5 days I shall have (hold onto your hats) HIGH SPEED INTERNET!!! Talking to our friends from Kentucky who live in a rural area near the lake, I wondered how they had high speed. Judy said they have a wireless card from AT&T.

Now most of you know that I have followed up on every piece of marketing mail from AT&T and others telling me that I can't have high speed Internet. The only response has been, "sorry, not where you live."

I called AT&T yesterday and told the tale of my friend having it in Kentucky and why couldn't I have it and the response was a simple, no hassle, "You can".

"WHAT??? Why hasn't anyone ever told me this on my many phone calls to AT&T?"

"I don't know." Mary said. Mary is the AT&T salesperson who signed me up and also reduced my home phone service and if this works well we will transfer our cell phones to AT&T. PLUS, we have Mary's direct line and she will help us when we make changes. Mary is my new best friend!

This service is not cheap but it is not as expensive as Satellite and I will drop my current Internet dial up service plus with my lowered phone bill, it's all good. AND we have 30 days to try it then return it for full refund if it doesn't work in this area.

When I told my sister she was as happy as I am and said, "I feel like you're calling to say you just had a baby -- you've waited so long for this!"


  1. Congrat's on the high speed internet. Isn't it amazing how one person can help and so many others can't.

  2. I am happy for you! I have my DSL, phone and cell phone through AT&T and I like it -- especially getting it all taken care of with one bill!

    And isn't it nice that someone knows her job? That gets rarer and rarer these day!

  3. congratulations on getting high speed internet---any increase in speed is good. It seems they are building a new communications tower two blocks from my house that will ultimately bring DSL to my area, unfortunately---with the LP passing on---I will be moving in about six months----(sigh)

  4. Congratulations!! It is a wonderful thing, I can attest.

  5. Those chicks must have asbestos lined feet.

  6. Congrats on the new baby, Oh, I mean the high speed internet services. I wouldn't think a chickens boney little feet would hold up to walking on hot coals. However, I don't claim to no anything about chickens!

  7. Your chickens are pretty amazing, Granny Annie.

    Congratulations on the high speed internet! I am going to have it as well, for the first time, early next week. I can't wait! You and I will both be cruising around in style, finally. It's been such a pain with the dial up, hasn't it? Did I say I can't wait? LOL.

    Have a great evening.


  8. Oh my goodness!!! You will love it! I cannot imagine that slow stuff anymore. It sure spoils you. You will be like a kid with a new toy! The speed will delight you!

    I live by a lake in KY, Lake Cumberland. Which one does your friends live by?

    I'm so glad Mary is helping you! It's great when you find folks like that!

  9. You're right Ralph. Also I sometimes wonder if so many others "can't" or if they just "won't".

    Kay you are encouraging me to get my cell phone changed quickly too.

    Gary, sorry you will be moving. You've got too much to have to deal with.

    Judy, you sure are an example of how wonderful high speed internet is because you can keep up with so many blogs. Hopefully it will help me stay in touch.

    Yes Winifred, perhaps I should fear my chickens with those super feet. LOL

    Bless Mary is absolutely right Jean. Watch her get stolen by another company and not be there the next time I need her. Oops, I guess the glass is getting half empty.

    Baby is right, Marla. Let's see, I think I'll name my new Internet connection ?????? Um, will have to think on a name.

    Renie, we're so much alike and now we're having Internet babies at the same time. Isn't it crazy to be so excited about cyber space access? We'll wave at each other as we cruise by.

    Yep Rachel, I'm sure hoping we will love it. I can't wait just to open YouTube videos. Our friends live in Eddyville, Kentucky and are near Tennessee. Are you near there?

  10. Oh Grannie, good luck with your new Internet Baby.....I hope she works well. We tried an Internet card with T-Mobile and it was a failure...Maybe AT&T's is better. Make sure you keep all of the paper work, just in case. You WILL become spoiled with high speed internet.

    About your phone line: If you are going to Internet phone lines, just remember that when your Internet goes down, so do your phones. We never did transfer over to internet phones. We decided to keep a "land" line and were verrrrrry grateful we did after Hurricane IKE. All of the cell phones, internet phones, and wireless phones were down and only people with "land" lines had phone service. In a disaster, like a hurricane, phone lines are a must. Between my ham radio and our land line we were cooking. You might consider keeping one land line.

  11. Congrats on your new "baby". I sometimes wonder how we lived without internet and then without high speed. You'll absolutely love it. And about those chickens.....I don't think I want to find out how strong their feet are.

  12. I kam so happy for will love it!!

  13. Annie,

    If one of those chickens happens to stay on the fire a little too long, send me two legs, a thigh, one biscuit, and a side of slaw.

    Just don't send me any you've named! Promise.....

  14. I guess I eat like a chicken.

    Oh, crap.
    I know how this whole high speed internet story ends.
    Hint: It's not good.