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Slim and Franke
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Sunday, November 16, 2008


The Broken Arrow High School Band made it into the Finals at Grand Nationals in Indianapolis!!!

They were thrilled when it was announced that they were in the semi-finals. Then they were hysterical when they learned they made it into the Finals. Out of the twelve bands that placed in the Finals, Broken Arrow won SIXTH Place. Initially I felt a sense of sadness when the adults seemed sorrowful that Broken Arrow didn't get First. Then the kids hit the scene with total bliss that they even made the FINALS among some true quality bands and even placed Sixth to boot. They knew true honor and true sportsmanship. Plus they had a great time. I am even prouder of The Pride:)

Now, let's talk about banana strings. All bananas have strings. Some have more than others. Does anyone know why? Does anyone eat them? Is there anything we can do with them if we save them? Just wait one cotton pickin' minute.....why am I talking about food again?


  1. Congrats to the kids!

    Banana strings = fiber, so I guess we should eat them. I don't, I pull them off. Maybe if you save them, you can make some kid believe they are spaghetti.

    I don't know why we have food on the brain, but it happens to me every year at this time. I have to quit!!

  2. Woo Hoo! Finals - that is great!
    I peel my bananas from the bottom, it's much neater and you don't get the smushed part at the top. I learned it from the monkeys. Seriously, that is how they eat them.

  3. Wow finishing sixth in Nationals is one major feather in anyone's cap. I assume, although I am no expert, that some banannas have more strings than others due to the conditions in which they are grown, ie, more water, more sun etc, etc. I pick them off, but then I'm picky that way.

  4. Awesome!!!!!!!!!

    And yeah, eat the strings.

  5. I do not eat the strings...just the banana and congrats to the band!!

  6. Congratulations to the Broken Arrow High School Band. You should be very proud of yourselves for coming in at 6th place.

    I have always enjoyed watching Michele Kwan ice skate and hoping she would get a Gold Medal in the Olympics..It was not to be. BUT, she showed the World what a class act she is when she appeared on the Jay Leno Show and Jay said to her."Well, how did it feel to lose the Gold Medal?" Michele smiled and said,"I didn't lose the Gold,I WON the Silver."

    6th place is terrific, Kids. We are proud of you...

  7. Judy, love the idea of banana spagetti strings!

    Okay Nora, let's all do like the Monkey's do.

    Gary, I pick them off too, but now, thanks to Kenju(Judy), I'll be saving them and serving them as spagetti.

    Kay, you don't REALLY eat the strings do you?

    Tabor, I don't eat the strings either. Yes, congratulations are certainly in order for the band!

    Nancy, that quote is fantastic. Yep the kids WON sixth place.

  8. Congrats to the PRIDE! That is awesome!

    And nope, I don't eat the strings. Not so sure how banana string spaghetti would be...hmmmmm.

  9. Congrats to the kiddies! Woo-hoo! Making the FINALS is a HUGE deal!!

    Bananas?? I have a plantain tree in my backyard (similar to bananas, only you need to cook them).

    I don't know why you're talking about food again, but I could sure go for some banana pudding right now. I love vanilla wafers...almost as much as Ritz crackers!

    Btw, I hope to make poppy seed chicken tomorrow or Tuesday. I have to buy poppy seeds!

  10. Congradulations to Broken Arrow!!! It is an awesome feat to just get to go to Grand Nationals. I don't know how many bands played in the Pre-lims but to make it to finals is another grand feat and then come in sixth place.....I am soooo very proud of those students. What music did they play and what was their show about.

    When Bonnie was a senior and Jennifer was a sophmore, they went to Grand Nationals as a AAA band. They worked so hard and they came in second place. They won best music and marching but the other school won best show and took first place by .38's of a point....I was lucky enough to go to Indianapolis to watch the band perform.....I was never more pound of them and very grateful that I got to witness both of my daughters march.....They were disappointed to say the least but they were glad to have at least come in second.

    Needless to say, I am in total awe of all of the work those students go through to make it that far....Please give my best to the kids.....Wow!

  11. It's not fair - all this talk of bananas, my favourite snack! My doctor made them a forbidden fruit months ago because my blood tests show high potassium. I would give so much to be able to eat bananas again!

    Congratulations to the Broken Arrow Band.

  12. Banana strings?? Never heard of them that way but then I don't like or eat banana's:)
    How exciting for the band...congratulations!

  13. Yay Broken Arrow Band! You ROCK!

  14. Hooray for Broken Arrow's band!!!!!!!!
    Woo Hoo!!!

    My mind always wanders to food.
    Banana strings are edible, but not tasty.

  15. Way to go Broken Arrow Band!!

    I do not eat the strings of bananas. They aren't very good. I try to get them off with the peel.

  16. Way to go Broken Arrow Band and I am sure your grandkids are proud. Of course we know you are proud.

    Bananna Strings? Don't like to eat the things! I asked someone that question today at work, possible uses for bananna strings. All they could come up with is dry em and smoke them?!?!?!?