Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I have mentioned before how difficult it is to get a photo of Fit. I caught him tonight resting in the rafters. The flash on the camera made his eyes look blue. Isn't he gorgeous? I wish I could hold him but he won't have any of that. He does let me pat his head when he shows up for breakfast.
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  1. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Is that a MAINE COON cat? Beautiful!! And that tail!!! Any kittens that you know of?

  2. How beautiful - and that tail!

  3. What a lovely cat. Too bad you can't hold him. I would love to snuggle with a cat like that.

  4. wow a pic of the rare Squirrel Tailed Cat.

  5. I agree with the others, his tail is gorgeous!!

  6. must - pull - tail....
    must - tug - ears.....

  7. Dana, I never heard of a Maine Coon cat but looked them up on google images and, sure enough, my cat Fit looks like several of them. The tail for sure.

    Yes, Jean, he is a beauty and even more handsome in person.

    Bonnie, I want to cuddle this fellow and think the day might come when he won't fear me. Cats come and go around here and I hope he stays.

    Funny Gary! Squirrel Tailed Cat. LOL

    Judy, glad you think he is gorgeous.

    Jessi, if you would come see us maybe you could tame him:-)

    Lucy, he's a bit big to call a kitty but that is better than some exressions people use for pretty cats.

  8. He's definitely at least part Maine Coone! My Marcello was, too.
    WHAT a beautiful, magestic looking cat.

    When I cried, Marcello used to sit in my lap and reach up and wipe the tears. WHAT a boy!! I'll never stop missing him. xxx