Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yes, my daughter did feel the need to go to Hope's first grade teacher and explain this drawing. It seems Hope wanted a devil costume for Halloween and was using this sweet picture to bring home her case in the classroom. My daughter just wanted to be sure the teacher didn't think they were practicing any satanic rituals at home:)

P.S. My computer should be working well again after tomorrow -- the AT&T appointment is for sometime between 8 AM and 5 PM. Love their scheduling? Know that I am reading you as I am able but cannot comment in most instances. Did I mention how I hate dial up?


  1. How sweet. I doubt the teacher thought so - considering the hearts and rainbow!

    Hope your computer problem is easy to solve!

  2. Too cute!. Hope you get your computer fixed soon!!!!

  3. Kids always say the darndest things. I'm sure the teacher didn't think anything of it, but nowadays you never know. Keeping my fingers crossed on your computer woes.

  4. as good of Refrigerator art as any---nice use of pastels I might add. I hate dial up too, but unable to justify the price of cable to get dsl service. At my age, I don't do anything in a hurry. (lol)

  5. A beautiful card! Even if it had been devil worship, it looks to be a devil of the spun sugar kind! Great story, GA! How these kids make our world go round:)
    Your cross is beautiful!
    Wish I knew the right gal for your son. He looks like a really lovely guy............

  6. Awesome picture!!!

    Get AT&T to cut you a deal on DSL
    -- it only costs a bit more than their dial up and soooo much nicer.

  7. Excuses and cover ups.
    I KNEW I had you pegged as a Satan worshipper.
    And to think your little granddaughter is carrying on in the family religion just irks me!
    Poor child needs to be rescued from evil!!




    LOVE this. It is so cute.

  8. That little one will succeed. She has great communication skills!

    Nice sense of colour too.

  9. I love the story behind the drawing almost as much as I love the drawing. Smart kid! ;)

  10. We are given kids to keep us honest!!

  11. cute drawing, maybe she'll be a lobbyist when she grows up.
    on the internet connection:
    1> tell them you'll pay them sometime between Jan 1st and the fourth of July.
    2> try Wild Blue. Works by dish.

  12. I love this picture! I can certainly understand talking to the teacher about it, but as a teacher myself, I'm sure she just thought it was adorable!

  13. Yes Judy I'm pretty sure the teacher considered the hearts and rainbow a plus.

    It is cute isn't it Monica. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

    Bonnie, our Hope is certainly one to always say and do the darndest things.

    Gary, looks like you know your refrigerator art.

    She, love the spun sugar devil worship. LOL

    Kay, I call it awesome too. Guess you got my email on AT&T not coming out this far with DSL.

    Jamie Dawn, you say you doubt me? I do remember when Hope was two and we thought she might need an exorcism.

    winifred, you are probably right about looking into her future. She is looking like a real artist already.

    Yes Scarlet, isn't the story great. Can't you just see the teacher saying "yea sure". LOL

    Tabor, they do keep us honest. Great point.

    Cliff, a lobbyist? You are probably right. We're thinking Wild Blue right now. Does it work? I'm afraid.

    Sammy, glad to know the teacher might think it's adorable. So, how are you? Been watching for a baby announcement post.

    Thanks all for your concern about my computer woes. Phone man hasn't arrived today but my internet is holding a little longer.

  14. I was looking at the drawing before I read. I was thinking I don't get the devil connection! That's very clever of her!