Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, October 24, 2008


Hopefully this post will publish. Our phone line is out of order and is not supposed to be cleared up until Monday evening but I'm here for some strange reason. Anyway, don't be alarmed if I disappear again. Oh I hate DIAL UP!

Meanwhile, my first three crosses have arrived from Jamie Dawn and I must say they are spectacular. I'll post a picture next week without boobage because I don't want to compete with the gorgeous necklace. (Or Scarlet for that matter.)

Bonnie, take my entries out of the witch naming project because you probably wouldn't be able to contact me if I won. Give the other's a better chance at the drawing. You have gotten so many great names!

Oh my, I am getting hopeful that my computer may be back. I'll post this while I can, but maybe I'm in business. My fingers are crossed!


  1. oh good the problem is at YOUR end, was worried perhaps my computer was about to expire (whew!)--glad to hear its phone company problem and your merely the benifactor---I trust they will correct the problem.

  2. Aren't the crosses beautiful?? I plan to order more for Christmas because I know my nieces will love 'em!

    I hope your computer worries are over soon.

    PS - Come on now...I want to see you model one of the necklaces! :)

  3. Good luck with getting it all back, Annie. I'd love to see your pix with the crosses.

  4. I feel your pain!
    Our internet was not working all day yesterday. In the morning, I was writing an email when the internet went kaput. Luckily, it was working this morning when I tried it.
    We have high speed internet, but it is not really really high speed like my parents have at their house. Man, oh man, there's is lightning fast! Ours is faster than dial up though, so you can be jealous of us if you want to.
    Mr. I Feel Your Pain was in Little Rock today holding a rally for Obama as well as some Arkansas politicians who are up for re-election. Mrs. Clinton was in Little Rock about a week ago campaigning for Obama. I still haven't toured the state capitol, but I plan to. I love doing that kind of stuff.

    Please, oh PLEASE post the cross pics WITH boobage!!!!

    Annie, you are a riot!

  5. This got through. Hope you are back online soon!

  6. Annie, I will NOT remove you name from the contest. If you win, I'll just wait for you to get back online to notify you. But thanks for being so considerate. And yes, we want to see the crosses with or without boobage. Hopefully you'll be back online soon.

  7. I got my cross necklace from Scarlet that I won! It is beautiful. I don't can't model mine. I thought about putting my face on Scarlet's body, but my necklace is white.