tis the season

tis the season

Monday, October 27, 2008


This is the picture I was tagged by Bonnie to post. It is a picture of our guinea fowl keets that have managed to roost in the barn rafters.

Instead of tagging four bloggers, I invite anyone willing to go to their picture folder and post the fourth photo in the fourth folder and then tell me in the comments that you have participated. This is pretty neat. You can then tag four others or more if you wish.


Scarlet said...

This looks like fun...and I love your pic. What are their names...John, Paul, George and Ringo?

kenju said...

Birds on a wire was the first thing that came to mind - even though it isn't a wire....LOL

Bonnie said...

I played along!


Granny Annie said...

Scarlet, great names! You are so funny. Yes Judy, birds on a wire. LOL Bonnie, I saw your post. Thanks for playing.

Marla said...

I can't play along here, I just figured out how to get some photos on the computer and I only have one folder!!!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Marla: you gave us to much information, you could easily have played along , and nobody would have been the wiser about you not have four folders of pics---hell you still can play as far as I'm concerned---the hard part for me was coming up with four friends that hadn't already been tagged, and I got that wrong anyway (don't know why Grannie couldn't have posted twice??---(snif)