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Slim and Franke
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Monday, August 25, 2008


At last a test that could pass. I actually made 100%. I cannot imagine anyone not making 100% but some of my younger blogger friends just might prove me wrong. Give it a try and let me know how you did.

This is NOT a pushover test. There are 20 questions. Average score is 12. It will help if you are over 60! This one will be difficult for the younger set. Have fun, but no peeking! Feel free to put your score in the comments. Good luck youngsters.

1. What builds strong bodies 12 ways?
A. Flintstones vitamins
B. The Buttmaster
C. Spaghetti
D. Wonder Bread
E. Orange Juice
F. Milk
G. Cod Liver Oil

2. Before he was Muhammed Ali, he was...
A. Sugar Ray Robinson
B. Roy Orbison
C. Gene Autry
D. Rudolph Valentino
E. Fabian
F. Mickey Mantle
G. Cassius Clay

3. Pogo, the comic strip character said, 'We have met the enemy and...
A. It's you
B. He is us
C. It's the Grinch
D. He wasn't home
E. He's really me an
F. We quit
G. He surrendered

4. Good night David.
A. Good night Chet
B. Sleep well
C. Good night Irene
D. Good night Gracie
E. See you later alligator
F. Until tomorrow
G. Good night Steve

5. You'll wonder where the yellow went...
A. When you use Tide
B. When you lose your crayons
C. When you clean your tub
D. If you paint the room blue
E. If you buy a soft water tank
F. When you use Lady Clairol
G. When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent

6. Before he was the Skipper's Little Buddy, Bob Denver was Dobie's friend...
A. Stuart Whitman
B. Randolph Scott
C. Steve Reeves
D. Maynard G Krebbs
E. Corky B. Dork
F. Dave the Whale
G. Zippy Zoo

7. Liar, liar.
A. You're a liar
B. Your nose is growing
C. Pants on fire
D. Join the choir
E. Jump up higher
F. On the wire
G. I'm telling Mom

8. Meanwhile, back in Metropolis, Superman fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and...
A. Wheaties
B. Lois Lane
C. TV ratings
D. World peace
E. Red tights
F. The American way
G. News headlines

9. Hey kids! What time is it?
A. It's time for Yogi Bear
B. It's time to do your homework
C. It's Howdy Doody Time
D. It's Time for Romper Room
E. It's bedtime
F. The Mighty Mouse Hour
G. Scoopy Doo Time

10. Lions and tigers and bears...
A. Yikes
B. Oh no
C. Gee whiz
D. I'm scared
E. Oh my
F. Help! Help!
G. Let's run

11. Bob Dylan advised us never to trust anyone...
A. Over 40
B. Wearing a uniform
C. Carrying a briefcase
D. Over 30
E. You don't know
F. Who says, 'Trust me'
G. Who eats tofu

12. NFL quarterback who appeared in a television commercial wearing women's stockings...
A. Troy Aikman
B. Kenny Stabler
C. Joe Namath
D. Roger Stauback
E. Joe Montana
F. Steve Young
G. John Elway

13. Brylcream.
A. Smear it on
B. You'll smell great
C. Tame that cowlick
D. Grease ball heaven
E. It's a dream
F. We're your team
G. A little dab'll do ya

14. I found my thrill...
A. In Blueberry muffins
B. With my man, Bill
C. Down at the mill
D. Over the windowsill
E. With thyme and dill
F. Too late to enjoy
G. On Blueberry Hill

15. Before Robin Williams, Peter Pan was played by...
A. Clark Gable
B. Mary Martin
C. Doris Day
D. Errol Flynn
E. Sally Fields
F. Jim Carey
G. Jay Leno

16. Name the Beatles...
A. John, Steve, George, Ringo
B. John, Paul, George, Roscoe
C. John, Paul, Stacey, Ringo
D. Jay, Paul, George, Ringo
E. Lewis, Peter, George, Ringo
F. Jason, Betty, Skipper, Hazel
G. John, Paul, George, Ringo

17. I wonder, wonder, who..
A. Who ate the leftovers?
B. Who did the laundry?
C. Was it you?
D. Who wrote the book of love?
E. Who I am?
F. Passed the test?
G. Knocked on the door?

18. I'm strong to the finish...
A. Cause I eats my broccoli
B. Cause I eats me spinach
C. Cause I lift weights
D. Cause I'm the hero
E. And don't you forget it
F. Cause Olive Oyl loves me
G. To outlast Bruto

19. When it's least expected, you're elected, you're the star today...
A. Smile, you're on Candid Camera
B. Smile, you're on Star Search
C. Smile, you won the lottery
D. Smile, we're watching you
E. Smile, the world sees you
F. Smile, you're a hit
G. Smile, you're on TV

20. What do M & M's do?
A. Make your tummy happy
B. Melt in your mouth, not in your pocket
C. Make you fat
D. Melt your heart
E. Make you popular
F. Melt in your mouth, not in your hand
G. Come in colors

Below are the right answers:
1. D - Wonder Bread 2. G - Cassius Clay 3. B - He Is Us 4. A - Good night, Chet 5. G - When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent 6. D - Maynard G. Krebbs 7. C - Pants On Fire 8. F - The American Way 9. C - It's Howdy Doody Time 10. E - Oh My 11. D - Over 30 12. C - Joe Namath 13. G - A little dab'll do ya 14. G - On Blueberry Hill 15. B - Mary Martin 16. G - John, Paul, George, Ringo 17. D - Who wrote the book of Love 18. B - Cause I eats me spinach 19. A - Smile, you're on Candid Camera 20. F - Melt In Your Mouth Not In Your Hand


  1. Annie,

    This test was great fun and brought back a lot of memories.

    As you read the question you were almost automatically singing the answers; "You'll wonder where the yellow went.........When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent"

    But you were right, it helped if you were of a certain age.

    I got two wrong #10 and #17. I was not familar with either of them. It will be interesting to read the other comments.

  2. I got them all as well...shows you how old and boring I am!

  3. I'm old as dirt, apparently, since I knew them all.

  4. I missed 3. Numbers 3,4,and 12. I'm disappointed I missed the brylcream question though.

  5. Nothing starts a day off on a good note than getting 100% on a test one hadn't crammed all night before for-----surprised there wasn't the question, "Takes a licking but keeps on ticking---? (Thank you John Cameron Swayze)

  6. I got 'em all!!! I R a, genus, ah, genius.

  7. Oh, I definitely did NOT make 100%!! I think I got closer to 13 correct, and I was pretty proud of myself for that!

    Older definitely equals wiser!! This proves it! :-)

    Hope you have a great week,

  8. missed 2. #1 & 11. bbooo!!!

  9. I missed most of these. There was too much Spanish going on in my house. :)

  10. I only missed number 4...I don't know whether to be happy or sad about that:)

  11. I missed #3...not familar with that cartoon. The test was fun though... nice little stroll down memory lane.

  12. Instead of proving how smart we all are, we simply proved how OLD some of us are! Thanks for participating. It was fun and some of the "youngsters" surprised me with how many they got right.

  13. I missed four of them out right, and I got two lucky guesses correct on two of them.

  14. Hey Grannie Annie, I'm 47 and I only missed one, number 5. I had a good time taking this "test" I enjoy your comments on Gary's blog and actually came to your blog by way of Sue's. Enjoying reading them.

  15. I missed 3 of them!!!! :)

  16. I'm old and got them all right, but #10 did give me pause....then I guessed right.