tis the season

tis the season

Thursday, July 31, 2008


About Me: I avoid the news. I have turned off my political upheaval. My days of political activisim are supposed to be over. My hands have been thrown up in surrender and I try to be the best wife, mom, grandma, sibling and chicken farmer that I can be. (That's what I say on my blog profile anyway.)

Lately I have forgotten that I have "turned off my political upheaval". With a Presidential election on our doorsteps, it is difficult to avoid the news.

I hear things that make me want to disclose an opposite opinion. I begin my research and find tons of facts to prove my point, as well as facts to prove the opposition's point so I know what their response will be to my facts. Realization occurs that for every point there is a counterpoint. We cannot argue without being exposed to another argument that also makes sense. Are you following me? Whew! Good for you.

Hello spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings and chickens. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


Changes in the wind said...

I understand your frustration but how I wish more people would at least do some research and not just following along blindly.............

kenju said...

Good for you! I bit back this morning when an old school chum sent yet another email disparaging one of the candidates. I went to Snopes and found out that what they were accusing him of is something done by every candidate. Then I replied to all and told them to check their facts before they send crap to me again. I surprised myself! LOL

GJG said...

I am pleased to read that you research the arguments and counter arguments---I don't ask people to agree with my political postions, but I ignor those that only offer hate postions, or make ignorant statements. When I hear them I usally will ask them , "So what are you FOR?" It takes more effort to be FOR something, any fool can be negative and tell us they "hate" something---I judge a person for what they are "FOR".

Gary (aka old dude)

Oh great One said...

I'm tired of people arguing a point when they don't know the facts too. Too many forwarded emails but no one checks to see if it's true or not. ARG!

Slade said...

funny, I have decided to turn the news off recently...I can't take anymore of the kidnappings and murders of pregnant women and children, the causualties of this insane war, ect...I just can't watch it anymore!!

oh yeah almost forgot...Barack and Roll Baby!!! hehe (I couldn't resist)

T. F. Stern said...

Thanks for stopping by on the Ant and Grasshopper article. What a mess we have this year with neither presidential candidate worth getting excited about enough to say "I like this one"; rather we will have to figure out which will do the least amount of damage and hope the country can survive what hits the fan.