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Slim and Franke
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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yes, I am a crier at the movies. That established, let us proceed with this true tale.

The children and I were a movie trio for many years. We attended appropriate and some inappropriate movies and vowed to always find something redeeming in each movie. The cost of going was a huge strain on our budget and we could never justify walking out. Well, that part has nothing to do with this story.

The children went off to college and poor old mama missed her movies. My son and daughter both raved and raved about a new movie called MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS with Richard Dreyfus. It was difficult being out of the movie loop so mustering up my courage, I attended this movie alone.

Slipping into the very back row of the theatre, I hid in the dark so nobody would know my life was so pitiful that I had to go to the show by myself. I had not prepared for the fact that, as stated earlier, I am a crier at the movies.

The tears started for many reasons. I missed my kids who were away. Memories of their band years overwhelmed me. I was an active band mom chaperoning and volunteering and staying actively involved with the kids. (MR HOLLAND OPUS is about a band teacher for those who don't know.)

Gushers of salt water squirted and poured down my face and I could not find a Kleenex. Not having purchased refreshments, there were no napkins. Snot was joining the avalanche over my lips and toward my chin. It was a mess -- until I did the only thing I could. I reached down and slipped off one of my socks. After soaking one sock, I got the other and managed to tidy up before the lights came on.

My biggest mistake was sharing this story. It is now a rating system for family movies. Was it a one sock or a two sock movie?

I hope you will read my story at the Elder Storytelling Place today.


  1. I think the one sock or two rating is cute!

    I don't have the nerve to go to a movie by myself, though I know people who PREFER it that way. I guess it would be nice to have NO interruptions huh?

    I really enjoyed this post Granny. It says a lot about you!

  2. This started out so sad and ended on a funny note. I don't think I've been to a movie by myself unless you count the time I "chaperoned" for my older brother on his double date and I sat a few rows away. I envy people who can do things alone...and I love folks who wail at movies. ;)

  3. That is such a funny story! Now I will understand if someone in the back row needs to undress a little!

  4. Thank Goodness you were wearing socks! Nowadays, nobody wears socks...I can just see you diving for your undies. Very hard to blow your nose on nylon! You sound like my oldest daughter. She loves movies and a good cry ... it is good for the soul!

  5. That was a good solution to your problem! I would have wiped it on my sleeve....LOL

    Mr. Holland's Opus is a great movie (I cried too)!

  6. You guys are great! Thanks for you comments. Yes it was good that I attended the movie on a weekend because I had on socks. If I had gone during the week after work I would have had to pull off my panty hose! LOL

  7. Simplly a grand story about your dad today. Thanks for sharing him with us.

  8. Oh my! That was not the ending I was expecting! Very ingenious of you! :-)
    I'm not sure I would have thought of that. Although, now I will! :-)

  9. I'll think of you every time I pull my socks off!

  10. Hi Granny Annie,

    I don't like to go to the movies alone either. But I did go to see "A Farewell To Arms" by myself and got into the same no hankie trouble you got into.

    With tears streaming down my cheeks and my nose running like a faucet with a bad washer I reached for anything I had in my purse.
    What I had, Annie, was a Kotex. And I NEEDED it for the purpose for which it was intended .What a dilemma.

    I took it out, unwrapped it and dried my tears. BUT, I had to take a long trolley car ride home, so I had to use the Kotex.Did you ever put on a soaking wet Kotex?

    To this day, I put Kleenex in every pocket and in my purse but I've never since needed it as much as that day when Jennifer Jones and Rock Hudson had their baby in the middle of the the First World War.....

    Thanks for the memory....That was fun,and your sock story had tears running down my face again.Only this time I was laughing.....

  11. Maggie, thank you for your comment on my story on the Elder Storytelling Place.

    Sammy, thank you for thinking I was ingenious.

    Jean Mac, socks are a rarity these days so I'm glad they will bring me to your mind. LOL

    Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, I am still laughing at your story. I believe you are the winner. The kotex story is THE BEST!

  12. I should just keep a bag of socks with me at all times in case I run out of Kleenex! I myself am a massive crier and your story over at the Elder Storytelling Place? Definitely a 3 socker! (I had to borrow one from Grover:)) Beautiful!!!

  13. Sprinkle, you are such a pal. I can count on you for great posts AND great comments.

  14. Oh, my this brings back a memory that I must share with you.
    I went with a group of women friends to see a movie several years ago. One of our friends was dealing with some major problems with her daughter at the time, and the movie focused on mother-daughter relationships. My friend started boo-hooing,and I mean she was LOUD. People were turning around gawking at us, but we just patted our dear friend on the back. Afterwards, she was mortified that she had broken down like that. Movies can sure bring out our emotions.
    I'd say that movie was a two-sock movie for my friend.

  15. JD, I certainly can feel for your friend. It was good that she had you guys to comfort her and to glare at the gawkers!

  16. I love Mr. Hollands Opus too and for the same reasons. All three of my kids were in band and I was a very active band mom. I ended up working with the kids to help them find ways to earn "trip" money. It was fun and lots of work. Band was good for all three kids. To this day, they all love good music. They worked hard at marching, playing, practicing, practicing and more

    I would call it a two sock movie.