Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Monday, June 16, 2008


We belong to a number of barn cats. Last week we were introduced to four new kittens. The grandchildren were here when we heard a loud howling and investigated to find Boomer, a single kitten with a huge voice. The hunt began and we turned up three more. Boomer's siblings are Furbie, Cutie and Willow. Boomer is definitely the runt and besides the fact that she is not growing well, she has some kind of eye infection. In the world of barn cats only the fittest survive. In the pictures Boomer is the one curled us with mama Dorothy. See Willow stretched out at the end and you can tell the great difference in size. Also, Cutie is pictured alone in the middle photo. I am doing what I can for Boomer and I am much more hopeful today that this little kitten will survive. (Furbie is not shown because that one won't hold still when I show up.)
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  1. Kittens are my favoritest things!!!
    I am reallly tempted to get a female and let her outside just so I can have a litter of kittens once in awhile.

    NO, I Won't as that is very irresponsible, and I have 4 inside kitties that are fixed. But I sure do like kittens....

  2. Aaaaaaaaah, kittens!!! I currently have Harley, Princess, Toby, Katie-Zeta, Mickey and Domino.

    Got Harley and Princess (and their sister Waynette who disappeared a couple of years ago) as tiny kittens who were going to be killed at noon on the day I got them from a young neighbor child.Har and Prinny are now 9.

    Mickey has been a VK (visiting kitty) for about six years. He only visits during the week and eats like a horse. Don't have any idea of his age.

    Katie-Zeta was found outside my office building as a 10-week-old a couple of years ago. She's one o' them "slinky" cats, in that she moves around like a slinky toy.

    Dom is a perfectly marked black and white tuxedo cat. His "parents" moved off and left him at about 6 months of age. He's been hanging around my front stoop for a year; day before yesterday he moved in and seems very content...and I like having him around.

    Ahhhhhhhh, kittens. My gifts from God.