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Slim and Franke
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Grief is a selfish bastard." Rennratt

There are many Mother's Day stories posted today. The Elder Storytelling Place has posted a story each day and each story has touched my heart. But Rennratt has posted a story today that has touched my soul. I lost my mom last year but my siblings lost their mom too. Each of our spouses have already lost their mothers. Yet Renn said it all for me when she pointed out that "Grief is a selfish bastard" as we each curl up in our own loss and loving memories.


  1. Thanks for pointing that out to me, Annie. I read Renn all the time, but I might have missed this one later, since my kids are all coming to visit. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Well, you can't really feel anyone else's grief but your own. You can sympathize, but not really feel what anyone else is feeling.

    One thing about being 37 that scares me is not my own health, but the realization that my Grandma and my parents won't be around forever. Grandma was so supportive of everything I did and I'm hurrying to record an album while she's still sharp, to have something to show her.

    She's a former piano teacher and hands down the most open-minded person I know when it comes to music. In her 70s, she was eager to listen to the Heavy Metal music I was playing whereas the rest of my family hated it. She understood the technical side of it and the difficulty and musicianship behind it.

    Anyways, I went off on a tangent, but what I was getting at was kind of a defense of being human. You can only feel your own grief and you only have your own memories. But then, you can sympathize, as Rennratt's hubby did.