Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, May 02, 2008


My daughter called and left a voice message last night. It seems she was in the car with Hope (age 5) and they had an interesting conversation. The radio was on and the announcer was talking about Mother's Day.

Hope (in excited voice): "Oh he's talking about Golden Day!"

Chelle: "Golden Day? What is Golden Day?"

Hope: "That is the day you give your mother something gold. You're supposed to give Granny Annie something gold."

Chelle: "Where did you learn that?"

Hope: "From Granny Annie!"

I think I might have told the children when they were here that Mother's Day was coming up and to be sure and tell their mother to get me something gold...or something like that...I can't be positive....but, hum? Busted!

"Be sure to visit The Elder Storytelling Place all next week for stories about our mothers..."


  1. Now that's smart thinking on your part!!! LOL

    I was reading your previous posts to catch up. The robbery think was really scary! Sounds like kind of a warning to me. I else could you explain it?

    The dips sound wonderful, especially the crab dip! Yum!!

  2. too cute! You have to teach em young!

  3. Good one! LOL - I'll have to remember that in the future.

  4. Busted is right!
    You just can't get by with anything, can you?
    That's a cute story.
    Maybe Hope will draw you a gold picture.