Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Hope is happy to see her mother. Hope was visiting Granny Annie for 11 days. I am missing a morning hug from Hope. Chelle is talking to Aunt Jessi on the phone so this is a picture of four of my girls -- Jessi, Chelle, Hope and Slim.

This Sunday Granny Annie and Grandpa Ron will have had these five grandchildren for fifteen days straight. First two, then five, then two again now three. Granny Annie is living in the kitchen and Grandpa is getting lots of work done by all thesse strapping boys. Beth and I are trying to watch as many chick flicks as we can while the boys are busy. She had never seen STEEL MAGNOLIAS so we watched and cried buckets together.

Michael did not feel that he got his fair share of the first Cherry Cobbler so he went out by himself on Tuesday and picked a bucket of cherries. He presented them to me and asked for another cobbler. I made it early Wednesday morning before Michael and Hope left. Michael got the first and largest helping. We are missing both of them but it is amazing how quiet it is around here without Hope.
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  1. My husband LOVES this stuff (cherry cobbler, NOT a house full of kids ;) ). I would love the recipe! His mom made the best cobbler, but she passed away in 2000 and no one has the recipe. I'd love to surprise him with some nice cherry or apple cobbler one day.

    Steel Magnolias was so depressing. If you want to watch another good chick flick I hear Hope Floats was good. It's my friend's all time favorite chick flick. Mine's When Harry Met Sally, but you can only watch that so many times before you start quoting it in your sleep.

  2. What a fun time for your grandchildren. I'm sure everyone had a blast!
    You created some great memories for those dear ones.

  3. Michael looks like such a nice kid.

  4. You are just the cutest thing! I love the photo of you surrounded by your grandchildren.
    What fun the visit was for you and for them.
    I bet they just love being with you and Ron.
    Steel Magnolias is one of my favorites!

  5. Life is always lonely without Hope! Pun definitely intended! LOL