Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, February 11, 2008


The instructions were for us to arrive prior to 2:00 PM. The mystery would begin to unfold promptly at 2:00 sharp. My drive to the party launched me into a caravan, as all the invited guests arrived at the same time. Thirty-five women converged at the murder scene to solve the mystery.

The name of the murder victim was disclosed and a brief outline of the investigation was given to the group. Cocktails and appetizers were then served as we introduced ourselves to each other in the character names we had been given ahead of time.

We gathered back in the tightly packed living room and began to start Act I, the sharing of our individual relationships with the deceased. Once we had all disclosed how we knew Helen, the murder victim, we were to mingle again and enjoy a nice potluck buffet luncheon.

Gathering back in the room again, we turned to Act II and began to share clues. Dismissed again for dessert and mingling before gathering back for the conclusion in Act III.

With the role playing completed, we cast our votes for the person we believe commited the crime, for the best costume, for the best actor, etc. At this point, the party that was to have ended around 5:00 PM was still going and it was 6:30 PM. We had been there over 4 1/2 hours and the murderer had not yet been revealed.

I slipped out and came home.

It would be my recommendation to persons hosting a Murder Mystery Party that they limit the guest list to 15 maximum, a time schedule for each act be followed and unruly guests have their characters eliminated while they go outside and run around the house (like I make my grandchildren do when they get out of control!)

It was quite a new experience.


  1. i've never heard of this. it sounds like it would be fun, but not for me. a party where i have to think and figure things out... nah. i'll pass.

    but i love your observations and suggestions for improving such a party! LOL.



  2. "that the party hostess remain sober"
    truer words were never spoken!

    I've been commenting from home and my wildly intutive and witty comments have been sucked in to cyberspace.

    I'm posting from work- let's see what happens.

  3. With the improvements it would be a great night of fun! Sorry it didn't work out good for you but glad you just left rather than suffering it out....Like you was an experience, sometimes that has to be the obtained goal.

  4. Thirty five women! That sounds like a few too many. Perhaps that added to the length?