Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Thursday, February 14, 2008


The Word of the Day for February 14 is:

mash \MASH\ noun : an intense and usually passing infatuation; also : the object of infatuation

Example sentence:
I think Nora has a mash on you -- you should ask her to the Valentine’s Day dance.

Did you know?

Those shot by Cupid's arrow know that love can spur a desire to hold one's beloved tightly and never let go. Perhaps that embracing feeling of love is why "mash," originally a word for an act of squeezing and crushing, became a term for an intense infatuation or the object of it in 1870. The more popular "crush" showed its loving side in 1884, and "main squeeze" had begun crossing the lips of sweethearts by 1926. "Mash" itself is not widely used today, but the compound "mash note," referring to a love letter, has enjoyed many happy years since its union in 1890.

(c) 2007 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated


  1. What a cute quirky lesson on the word Mash, LOL !! Have yourself a wonderful Valentines Day today !!

  2. Ha! This is the second time I read this on one of my buddies blogs! Great minds think alike!

  3. I learned something new today. Thanks for adding another groove to my brain.
    Now, I am hungry for mashed taters.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hubby and all your loved ones!!
    Eat some chocolate and let you LOVE shine!!

  4. I didn't know the derivation of mash - thanks for that. I am very familiar with crushes, however, having had them since age 5, when I fell in love with my dad's younger brother.....LOL

  5. I've never heard of "mash" being used in term of crush, but it makes sense.

    When I lived in Northern England, when one made tea the question was always "Have you mashed the tea yet?" Now that's a strage usage of mash: don't cha think!!!