Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, February 08, 2008


I watched The Daily Show the other night simply because Tom Brokaw was to be a guest. I am glad that I did. He and Jon Stewart were talking about the mess in the Republican Party and Brokaw described the Republicans as acting like they are "in a theological food fight". Is that great or what!!

He did add that this is starting to even out now that it is spilling over into the Democratic Party.

(Be advised I can say things like that because I are a registered Republican......duh!)


  1. Our (Indiana) primary is not until May, but with they way things are going our election might actually mean something- I'm not sure that either Democrat will have it sewed up by then.

  2. Fight, argue, complain, promise...
    it's a neverending cycle in politcs.

    Both parties are having some turmoil. It's like a soap opera.
    (Dramatic music) WHO will end up winning??
    Will they remain faithful to their promises or will they be unfaithful, hitonious wretches???!!
    How long can the money last??
    What skeletons are in their closets??
    Find out. Stay tuned.