Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Our phone service went out on Friday. As you know we still use dial up for the internet, not as a matter of choice but as a matter of OA (only available), and trying to get back in the internet groove after being off line for three days is challenging. Once my blog reading falls behind it seems impossible to catch up. I hate missing a single great update.

There seemed to be one good thing come from the party on Saturday. One of the ladies referred me to a company that would install satellite internet for us. Ron and I went there yesterday and found the office dark and locked. We took the phone number and called but we have not received a call back. God does not want me to have high speed internet!

We ran some errands while we were in town only to find our other tasks equally impossible to complete. So, let's go eat a nice lunch!

Oh, did I mention that we were doing this in freezing rain? My son have visited us on Sunday to do some work for Ron. He had decided to spend the night and go back to Tulsa early morning and go straight to work. Not a good decision since we awakened to freezing rain with more freezing rain to follow. I was on pins and needles until I knew my son was safely home. (I believe this is called "an aside comment".)

It was early in the day, but when restaurants highlight their margaritas, I must try one. (I measure the competence of restaurants by their chicken caesar salads and/or their margaritas).
Boo and hiss on this marguarita. It was not even tolerable. The waitress was so gracious and took it back and brought me another. Guess what? It was as bad as the first! I kept my mouth shut this time. We did not take it out on the waitress but I should have known not to expect much as the day seemed to keep going downhill.

Oh well, on our way home we would stop at the post office and pick up my next Netflix movie. Need I say it was not there?


  1. Wondered why you had been so quiet....don't you hate days like that...everything is a mess but then there are those other days hmmmmmmm everything flows like melted butter:)

  2. I am playing catchup myself lol, loved the jokes above lol..and th epics of Joey's Bday, wow, handsome!! Read about the mystery, 35 ppl, way toooo many for sure. I hope your weather is better...we have just been dumped with more and more snow...I think I will take new pics tomorrow to post this week, its rediculous the hight of our snow banks lol, can hardly see the houses across the street lol.