Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Thursday we awakened to freezing rain which quickly turned to snow. It snowed and snowed and piled and piled. I looked on my desk and there was Jessi's birthday card. We would not be able to get to the post office to mail it. Today is her birthday and the card needed to be in the mail to arrive on time. What was left for a godmother to do?

I put on Ron's boots, his flannel hooded jacket, grabbed up the birthday greetings and began the long trudge to the mailbox. The sleet/snow mix pelted me in the face and ice began to form on my eye lashes. Slim ran ahead of me. She literally buried her nose in the snow and plowed a path for me.

When I reached the mailbox it was covered with snow. I managed to open the box, insert the card and raise the flag. Now it was up to our rural mail carrier. We all know how uncertain that can be. Later that afternoon we did hear the roar of the postal truck and see it hesitate briefly at our mailbox. It appeared a succesful mission.

Anyway Jessi, you know I did my part. I hope your card arrives today and that you have a perfectly wonderful day. HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY TO YOU JJJ with all my love!

(I would be calling you with your birthday story but 7:00 am here is 5:00 a.m. in California and you might not care to hear my loving voice this early:-)


  1. I've become so dependent on e-cards that I'm terrible at getting things off in the mail on time! I hope your card made it to Jessi in goodly time, and thanks for the reminder:) I'd better get my oldest son's card in the mail today!

  2. I nominate you for the "Godmother of the Year" award! Now, if we could just trade locations for one day....we have yet to see even a dusting of snow here! I just need to see it for one day and then you can have it back:)

  3. What dedication!!
    I hope Jessi appreciated your Herculean effort to see that her card got mailed.

  4. I love getting/sending mail. I have an unnatural affection for my mailman.
    Oh hot days I leave a cooler with water on the steps and on cold days I leave him a Hershey bar.