Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Yesterday the neighbor's small but aggressive Boston Bull Dog was after my chickens. Slim was doing her best to herd my one stray fowl, a Polish chicken named Victor Girl, back to the house. VG was as afraid of Slim as she was the neighbor's dog and she hid under a pile of boards. I was running from the back of the house to the front of the house trying to save VG and run off the neighbor's dog at the same time. All the other chickens had run into the safety of the pen under the leadership of Milton the guinea.

Slim stood guard over Victor Girl until I could get there and pick her up. I carried her to safety. It was the first time I had touched her since she was a chick. I could not believe how velvety soft she was and petted her a while before depositing her with the others.

This morning when I let the chickens out for the day, VG did not run out with the others. She came to me and walked around and around as if to say "Thanks".
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  1. She might have wanted more of that lovin'!

  2. Even chickens know when they butt has been saved:):)

  3. Victor Girl is a beautiful chicken! I'm sure she knows you saved her and feels safe near you. My DH saved a half grown blue silkie from a dog once, giving her a good cuddle until the shock wore off, and from that day she was at his heels the moment he stepped outside. She always got the best worms when he was digging!

    We have the same problem with roosters! It does seem as though more hatch out then pullets!

    I want to add my Congratulations Chelle! That's a lovely pic!