Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Monday, January 14, 2008


Finding a blogger comment that appeals to me, leads me to their profile. Often I find several blog links for this one blogger. Without reading all two, three or four of their blogs, how do we know which we should select to bookmark or subscribe?

Now, my Monday confession. I stayed in my pajamas all day yesterday. The chickens, cats and dog were all fed but only after I made sure no cars were coming on the main road, and I slipped out to take care of the animals.

There was one thing on my agenda for yesterday to watch Comanche Moon. What a disappointment. I felt like the actors were reading their lines from cue cards.

Late in the evening I mentioned to my spouse, "I had my pajamas on all day."

"I noticed." he said matter-of-factly.

"Oh, did you want to go somewhere?" I asked.

"No, but I needed help moving something in the shop and thought I would ask for your help when you got dressed."

Maybe I'll stay in my pajamas today:-)


  1. Like you I pursue other blogs by reading comments...good question how do you know...........
    There are some that I have put on my list and then later removed for one reason or another but then there are those that seemed a perfect fit from the git go. Interestingly, for me it isn't always that they are like me...some are very different from myself but interesting in their live perspective.
    If the only thing you missed for the day was helping hubby move someting...I'd stay in my pj's too:)

  2. I was also disappointed in Comanche Moon. I guess it was unrealistic to expect it could touch or even approach Lonesome Dove's characters. Where did they get such mutt looking guys? I like Clara, she's good, and Val Kilmer was good. But why does it have to be so bloody and cruel? Not that these things didn't happen but they make them especially sadistic. Not sure I will watch again.

  3. i knew it would be bad, therefore i did not waste my time! ha! i'm glad to see i was right ;) sorry you were disappointed. you can't touch the original...wasn't this a prequel? bbooooo!!!

  4. The days I stay in my jammies are reserved for special occasions. I requested it for mother's day 2 years ago. They were welcome to get dressed but I wouldn't join them!

  5. Thanks, Grannie Annie, for visiting my blog. I am an Okie too, attended A&M, lived in Tulsa and Alva. I appreciate your comments and will revisit you.

  6. I stayed in my jammies all day Sat! That's unusual for me, but I sure enjoyed it.

    When I find 2 or more blogs, I just read a little of each to see which one I want to bookmark.

  7. i enjoy blog surfing and finding new bloggers for regular reads. oh and i stay in my jammies all day at LEAST once a month.



  8. Yet another reason to stay in your pajamas all day. Well done!

  9. There are days when I stay in my jammies till about 1:00pm, in the afternoon. Sometimes I get started cleaning and almost forget that I haven't had a shower or put on clothes.

    I have started taking my shower at night and in the morning I can just get dressed....It is so much easier.

  10. Annie...thanks for visiting my blog. I love the Angie Worth quote in your profile.

  11. PJ days are so great!
    I don't do them too often, but when I do, I make a mad dash to the mailbox, and that's about it. I also pray no one comes to the door.
    I watched Comanche Moon. It was okay. Nothing compares to the first wonderful Lonesome Dove mini series. There's no better Gus & Woody. My parents named their two dogs Gus & Woody after seeing it.
    I'll still watch the second part since I recorded it. Val Kilmer is keeping my interest.

  12. They have that optional "my webpage" link which is what they should always use if they have more than one blog.

    Too bad we can't wear pajamas to work. Some days, dressing up takes too long.