Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Monday, October 08, 2007


Yesterday morning I found Stix murdered in the chicken house. A predator had ripped his throat open. Remember this was good little crippled Owen’s best friend. When I carried mutilated little Stix out of the pen I noticed a beautiful blue dot under his eye. I had never seen this blue spot because Stix was so fluffy. It looked like he wore a beautiful piece of turquoise jewelry. A beauty mark on the supposedly ugly chicken.

Owen is very sad and walks around alone looking for his friend.

I am left to recall the Dead Chicken Epitaph that I wrote for one of my first sad chicken losses.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Little Blackie Girl is gone.
Taken by some natural wrath.
Thus comes this rendering of
A Dead Chicken's Epitaph.

A slight little sex-link hen,
Among her peers the least weight,
Enabled her continued escape
In flight over the pen gate.

Half-eaten, clipped wings grow,
She was determined to explore.
Whole-eaten this time,
To return no more.

Bye, bye black(chicken)bird..........

(In this case bye, bye brown fluffy chicken bird......)


  1. I'm so sorry, Ann. It's amazing how a little piece of fluff can take over one's heart. When Aunt Dorothy told me, a bit too casually I might add, that Freddy had died, I cried for days. Everyone told me he would be happier and finally learn to crow around other chickens. It took me a while to trust everyone's opinions again.

  2. Awww, poor Stix & poor Owen.
    How sad.
    Your epitaph is good, and it's sad too.
    Chickens are just too tempting for predators who see them as a very, fine meal.
    I am so sorry you lost another.
    Someone needs to invent a spray that would keep predators away from chickens.

  3. I'm so sorry ...funny how the death of a chicken can affect us..I am having some for supper but I love reading about your chickens...I feel so bad that Stix is dead..and feel even worse for his lonely friend Owen...We have gotten to know them through your amazing it is this blogasphere ..peaking into lives and stories ...making the world such a small place...I'm so sorry for your loss Annie...thanks for sharing with us.