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Slim and Franke
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Saturday, October 20, 2007


This morning Ron and I were recalling teachers. We are both old so teachers were very different when we were growing up. They could and would say or do anything they wanted. They could also be very cruel and people didn’t even blink.

There was a boy in my fifth grade class. He was obviously poverty stricken. He was also unclean. Perhaps he walked to school but he always arrived stinking. He carried a watered down bottle of milk and that was his daily lunch.

This teacher would punish us by making us sit next to this boy. “You can just sit next to Blank today and maybe you’ll act better tomorrow”. Can you imagine the horror for this child to be the classroom punishment?

If you have evil teacher stories, please share them.


  1. Ouch! I never had one THAT mean! My second grade teacher made me stand at the blackboard for 3 hours once because I couldn't figure out how to divide 3 into 21. She wouldn't let me count it out either, and I was so embarrassed! I missed lunch too.

  2. My fourth grade teacher would wack your hand with a ruler if you weren't paying attention....It worked...we paid attention LOL

  3. I respected yesterday's teachers much better than today's. Why? Because they put their foot down.

    I was a monster, a demon child, and deserved the punishment I got. As cruel as it was, looking back at it, heh, I can't blame the teachers.

    The thing was, the ones who put me in my place were the ones I respected the most later on.

  4. Oh, THAT is HITONIOUS to the max!! That teacher was horrible!!!!! I sure hope that boy grew up to be rich and successful, and maybe even the landlord of that awful teacher.

    I had a teacher once who did not like the fact that our family went to a church with a female pastor. He did not agree with that, so he kept me after class and tried to convince me that our family was wrong for going to that church. I was only in 5th grade!!! My mom was FURIOUS when I told her what happened. She went to the principal and complained. After that, the teacher treated me badly for the rest of the school year. I was SURE glad to get OUT of his class!!!!
    I never saw a teacher as mean as the one you told about in this post. It makes me angry that the teacher was so cruel to that poor, little boy!!!

  5. Oh, I forgot this story. One day my daughter ask me, "What does dysfunctional mean?"
    "Why do you ask?"
    "Our teacher told me that I am from a dysfunctional family because you are a divorced person."
    Then this teacher began to read to them from the Bible. Let me tell you that I did protest that! Until then my childern thought we wer simply a traditional family.

    Also, I had a math teacher who told me if I ever came to school without my homework complete again he would yank off my arm and beat me over the head with the bloody stub. I did well in his class after that and he actually turned out to be one of my favorite teachers! LOL

  6. When I was in grade 2..I had gotton points on a board that acumulated at the weeks end to equal how many hits I got with the ruler. Why points? I was not bringing supplies needed for a project..reason being, my mom was so busy dealing my my father having been in a work accident, in hospital with a broken back..hense her having so much on her place that she forgot to get sponges etc...that week was also my bday...teacher kept forgetting to have the class sing me happy bday like for everyone else. Friday arrives...points counted...I have 3 got my punishment of the ruler hits infront of the class..3 on each hand then bent over and 3 with the yard stick on the behind. Once done it was time get our coats on...I was quiet and trying not to cry..getting my stuff together,when she comes to me and says, Why, whats wrong? (duh!!!) I was trying to retain some dignity , not saying anything, trying to get my coat on etc...when the brilliant teacher THEN remembers she has forgotten to have the class sing happybirthday to me all actually PROCEEDS to have the class sing to me...EVEN I knew she was an idiot then and there. Sheesh! My parents were also NOT IMPRESSED!

  7. Oh Moon, that one made me cry.

  8. I went to greade school in the 70's and there was a teacher who complained that one boy who was from a poor family, had bad breath and she screamed and yelled at him in front of the whole class dragging him and forcing him to brush his teeth, i never forgot it and to this day it pisses me off! How cruel can you be!

  9. Hope you don't mind, I referenced this thread in a blog post

    I was told just this morning about a teacher who had her own two daughters in her sixth grade class. Obviously they were recommended for honors classes in seventh grade, possibly at the expense of others in the class.