Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Michael is thirteen. He stays busy these days with massive homework assignments, computer and computer games, running the neighborhood with buddies or calling them on his cell phone. He loves us and spends adequate time with us showing his exceptional artistic skills, but he is a typical thirteen-year-old with piles of important stuff.

Hope, age five, still needs to be kept occupied. As we left for their home this week, I grabbed a toy catalog. Hope and I spent a lot of time marking "yes" on the good things in the catalog and making an early list for Santa.

I managed to convince her the list needed to be narrowed to the best ten items and I explained that Santa would go down the list checking with his elves for "first available" since tons of children were putting things on their lists.

Hope still told her parents that Santa was going to bring her EVERYTHING. (I"m in big trouble.)

Now what to do with the list?

"Hope, do you know Santa's mailing address?"

"No" she responded but was unconcerned.

"Then, how do we get this list to him?" I inquired.

Hope did not miss a beat when she quickly, and knowingly, responded, "We take it outside and throw it up in the air!"

Of course. I should have known she would know.

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  1. Your grandson and I must be made from the same side of the cloth! I don't think there's hardly a photo of me in existence where I have a smile on my face...I instantly freeze whenever a camera is pointed my way. I loved your granddaughter's idea of throwing Santa's note up in the air! I baby sit my 18 month old grandson full time, 10 hours a day, and he and I go on marathon walks together, at least 5 miles a day. When we pass by a Dollar Store I go in and buy him a helium balloon with one of his favorite characters on it. We tie it to his stroller and he LOVES that! But even moreso, he loves it a couple days later when the helium's starting to slowly leak. I break off the string and let the balloon go, and he and I watch it 'til we can't see it anymore. The way his eyes light up, I'm sure he thinks Grandma is magic! Thanks so much for stopping by...I'll be coming by here often, too.