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Slim and Franke
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Monday, September 17, 2007


How did this happen? Wouldn’t genealogy even be easier if women’s names had not changed? What was the reasoning behind hanging women with so many names?

My birth name is: Jane Doe Smith
My first married name is: Jane Doe Smith Johnson
My second married name is: Jane Doe Smith Johnson Escondido

My first husband was born: John Doe Johnson
His first married names is: John Doe Johnson
His second married name is: John Doe Johnson
(And his third, fourth, fifth, etc. no kidding)

My second husband’s birth name is: Joe Doe Escondido
His first married name is: Joe Doe Escondido
His second married name is: Joe Doe Escondido

What is wrong with this picture? John and Joe never have to change their paperwork or their social security records or retirement benefits or business cards or anything. It takes a woman at least a year to get everything changed after marriage. Plus she can kiss off any credit history she may have “stupidly” had under Mrs. John Doe Johnson. (Yes, I’m afraid it used to actually be that way. After my divorce from John in 1975 all the good credit we had established automatically became the new Mrs. John Doe Johnson’s and I had absolutely no credit history).

My niece kept her maiden name. The only thing difficult about that is having to address envelopes to her and her husband with two full names i.e. Susie Qzie Bedoozie and Alex Hotter Trotter instead of an easy one line, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hotter Trotter. But, that is difficult for us and not for her. Was she smart or what?

Oh, for the children you say? Well how many children do you know who have the same last names as their parents these days anyway?

Wait, I like writing Mrs. Joe Doe Escondido on my notebooks and scrawling Jane Doe Escondido over and over on the sidewalk and telling my name because I’m so proud to be married to him…………….……….

What’s a girl to do?


  1. I definitely wouldnt etch it into the bathroom wall or anything. Keep scribbling it on that notebook ;-)

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  3. That's great. I've got you on my blogroll and thought you were already in my links. Putting you there now.

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  5. Love this post !! How true is the whole name thing. Women go through so much more. Take care and have a great day!!

  6. Where I live, in Quebec's the only province in canada that a woman DOES NOT change her's not a's the law..some would find that odd..or wrong..I personally think a choice would be good...I got married (for the first time- my husband his second) at the age of 44 last yr. I would have liked to ADD his name to mine but it wasn't an option. It has been the law here for atleast 25 yrs...where as the rest of Canada, its like in the US for the most part...most just take their husbands name...and more often then not..its just as much a hassle to Keep ones name when getting married as it is to do the *expected* thing by changing.
    Here atleast its avantguardist to have made it so there is no question, nor anyone having to change everything about themselves on paper. I use my husbands name socially...we can be addressed as Mr & Mrs anyone socially..even send and recieve xmas cards with our married's only when it's anything official that I must maintain my own name...WORKS FOR

    Just some interesting information about where I live concerning your post, that I thought u may find interesting lol....

  7. I've heard of both husband and wife changing their names to something melded: e.g. Bedotter, for example. Still, it's sad to not be connected to one's parents.

  8. I wasn't really thinking when I wrote this, now everyone has got me thinking. Moon, I had no idea about not having options. That is very strange. And, Jessica, since you mentioned the connection to parents, if I go back further I would have to wonder what my maiden name would have been. Would it have been my Dad's name or my Mom's and what would their names have been........oh, I've got a headache.

  9. It does get a bit tricky doesn't it.

  10. Anonymous8:36 PM

    This is too good. : ) sis