Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Good, The Ugly, THE BAD

I know that chicken world is boring to many of you, (I won't name names) but I learn so much watching my little chicken society. Their habits are very much like ours or maybe our habits are like theirs.

Owen is my crippled chick. We attempted to set his leg when he was a few days old and thought our duct tape splint would help. No, it did not. He drags the leg and possibly we should have put him (or her....still don't know) out of his misery, but could not do so. He manages to get around and can move fast when he needs to. He never complains. Owen is the sweetest of all our Easter chicks. He is The Good.

Stix is our ugly chick. (I don't think she is ugly but I guess the other chickens do.)A ugly chickling so to speak. She is a silkie mix and she looks furry rather than feathery. She is brownish black and I'll try to get a picture to post of her because I really can't describe her any better than to say she is The Ugly.

Owen and Stix are pals. They are outcasts from the rest of the flock because one is crippled and the other is ugly. They roam together. They roost together (Owen can't get on the roost so Stix roosts down low with Owen). They protect one another. They have formed their own click. Chick Click. LOL

Who is THE BAD. That can only be Beulah Dean. Remember Beulah Dean the killer hen? (I believed she had post partum depression) She is on a nest again. She is sitting on about 15 eggs. They should hatch September 30th. Maybe Beulah Dean has allowed enough time to pass that her hormones are back in order and she will be more nurturing this time. I know I will keep a closer eye on her than I did before and I will not trust her if I have to take the chicks away even if she cries.


  1. I have never really thought of chickens with personalities to be honest. Thank you for setting me straight. I loved reading this. I have 3 dogs, all each very distinct in personality so it really makes sense to me that you see the same thing in observing your chickens. I look forward to seeing more photos.

  2. Beulah Dean better NOT kill any of her chickies!!
    Maybe she's a sociopath.

  3. I would be just like you unable to put down a crippled little bird and loving and seeing the good in the ugly one. I for one, love to visit the flock through your writings. So sweet how the two roost together and what a survivor instinct they both have.

    I just added your blog to my favorites list.