Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Saturday, September 08, 2007


This Saturday morning it is pouring down rain. It is enjoyable to open the curtains and watch the rain fall. It is also a good time to catch the dog displaying bad behavior.

Slim had Hannah the kitten in her mouth and was shaking the fur ball like a rag doll. I hastened to the back door to yell at the dog and save the cat. The time it took to get to the door gave the cat time to escape and Slim was free to look for another adventure. She dashed past me into the house. She thundered by and headed through the den into the office and landed, rolling on the living room floor – all carpeted areas.

We are expecting company today. My daughter and her family should be here around noon. She told me not to worry about cleaning or preparation for their visit. I said, “No problem-- the cleaning lady was just here and everything is spiffy.”

I thought of that conversation as I followed Slim’s muddy foot prints into the living room and watched her remove the rest of the mud using my carpet for her towel. I swear Slim was laughing as she rolled.


Jessi said...

baaaaaad dog!
are you all going to sit and watch OU beat Miami today on ABC? start's at noon your time ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

I love the name Slim for a dog, especially because it sounds like a name for a he and she's a SHE!!

Granny Annie said...

That's not all. Hannah is a male cat. We named the kitten before we knew. My grandson and I tried to change Hannah's name to MANnah but granddaughter Hope picked the name and refused to change it.

Granny Annie said...

Yes Jessi, we saw the game. WhooHoo! We didn't play close attention because we could see it was a runaway for OU.

Renae said...

Oh my word !! That must have made a muddy mess. Thanks for the birthday wishes to Ashley, we had a blast. The food was great. I told everyone we may have a guest , but it will probably take her all day and night to drive for dinner !! LOL !! Take care and have a wonderful day !!