Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Monday, August 06, 2007


These are great days in August. Three days in a row we celebrate three grandchildren. Today Ian turns 15 in California. Tomorrow Dillon will be 13 in Oklahoma and Wednesday Michael will be 13 in Missouri. (Dillon and Michael were born exactly 24 hours apart.) We celebrate all three of these fine young men and cherish them as we do all our grandchildren.

Boys absolutely flabbergast me. I can relate to the granddaughters as they age and take on changes. The boys literally amaze me as I try to figure just what goes on in their minds.

Michael was with me all last week and while he comforted me and consoled me over the loss of my mother and entertained me too. He also drove me straight up the wall.

"Close the backdoor Michael." "Hey, don't forget to close the backdoor." "You keep leaving the backdoor open it's expensive to aircondition the outdoors!"

"Be sure and put the pop back in the refrigerator." "Did you leave this lid off the pop?" "Did that bottle of pop sit out all night?"

"Candy wrappers go in the trash Michael." "Hey Mike, put those candy wrappers in the trash." "How did all these candy wrappers get in the washing machine?" "Where is Mike? Just follow the trail of candy wrappers!" and from Grandpa with rage, "WHO ATE ALL MY CANDY BARS?"

"Shake the grass off your shoes and leave them by the door please." "Don't walk in the house with those shoes on." "Oops, you forgot to take your shoes off." "Don't take your shoes off and then tramp around in the grass in your socks because the grass falls off your socks as you stomp around the house."

My ring tones are changed on my cell phone. The computer goes berserk after the grandsons show their computer skills whether we want them to or not. When the boys start telling stories they stay right with you even following you to the bathroom and talking through the door or pushing notes and/or pictures under the door to share as if you're never coming out again.

But, they grow up to be brilliant and they give big bear hugs, so who cares about the rest.


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  1. I have five grandsons, and I can surely relate to what you wrote! That is typical, and the girls are not much better....LOL

    we have 2 whose birthdays are on the same day (but years apart).